Touching on Vampires in Dreams

Excerpt from my book Para-Dreaming: An Otherworldly Window into Paranormal Dreaming

Mythical Creatures

Back in 2009, I awoke during my dreamtime; lucidly dreaming as I encountered the mythical creature Pegasus. She introduced herself as one of my guides during my dreamtime and she guides me both in my dreaming and distance Reiki sessions. I was called to sit upon Pegasus and we merged instantly, without a second thought she began escorting me down a path toward developing a new tier of my gifts and abilities. Shortly after this dream, Pegasus began appearing in all my distance sessions as one of my guides. Soon after and during the early stages of cultivating this book, I discovered through my research that Pegasus may be an actual multidimensional being from the Arcturian extraterrestrial race existing within the sixth dimensional realms. She incarnated into the form of who we know as Pegasus. I discovered that Pegasus’ first life was that of Medusa. Medusa was cast from being a goddess in her realm and the Arcturian race accepted her as one of their own. The Arcturians expressed how essential it was for her to reincarnate and appear as a guide for several humans on Earth. She incarnated as Pegasus and will remain that way for all eternity. This was an Aha! moment for me; when my awareness into dream guides expanded, and the inner-connectedness we share with all multidimensional beings deepened for me.

Mythical creatures represent fairies, elves, unicorns, mermaids, leprechauns, dragons, trolls, gnomes, sea serpents, Pegasus, Bigfoot, the Yeti, and…well the list goes on. They exist in the present as myths and legends from the past but they did roam the Earth once. It is believed, by those who have encountered mythical creatures in waking, that several may still be physically present and just hidden within the shadows. Their presence lingers in the physical and the thought that they are a multidimensional being may be why humans resonate with specific mythical creatures. Many people know them well from our lives past on Earth, behind the veil, and within other dimensional worlds. Mythical creatures also serve as our dream guides to help us survive our present in order to journey into the future. They hold within them the book of all ancient knowledge, representing lives on Earth and our lives in many different life forms.


Since the first vampire dreams I blogged on my website a few years ago, I have discovered that vampires encompass both light and dark energies. Here I am going to bring the image of vampires out of the darkness and place it into the light, showcasing them on my shelf of positive entities in dreams. But before I go on, let me say I do not condone killing, blood-sucking, feeding or draining energy for survival. A demented harming of another should not be allowed (nor is it healthy in body, mind, and spirit) in my perception of life and death. I do recognize that in all species there are many who exemplify as good and others who exemplify as bad; however, we exist on this planet, within this physical universe of both light and dark. Several of us go one way into the light and others turn their backs to find some sort of solace within the dark. Whatever you choose to believe and however you choose to live on this Earth is up to you, you have free willjust remember every outcome is dependent upon the karma you create for yourself.

Back in the late winter/early spring of 2012, a dreamer submitted a series of dreams detailing a vampire visitation. What I thought was the common interpretation for a vampire dream – psychic energy vampires, did not resonate with her. Upon further inquiry, I realized the common translation of this imagery may not be the precise symbolism or interpretation for her particular series of dreams. Not wanting to leave this dreamer lost and disoriented I began my research and immersed myself into the history and mythology of vampires which led me to lost and wandering ghosts being associated with vampires. What I learned is that the dreamtime perspective of vampires could represent:

A type of species from a parallel reality.

Lost and stagnant energies manifested from our thoughts.

Lower vibrational spirits that deeply desire to return into a human body could also be known as lost and wandering ghosts.

Beings from another dimensional realm.

What follows are parts of my email communication over the course of a month in which the dreamer and I explored her vampire dreams. Her dreams are what alerted me to seek out other notions, and maybe even inevitabilities, about the existence of vampires as real multi-dimensional beings within the dreaming.

(Dreamer): I had a dream about a vampire talking me into becoming one of them. He was very nice and gentle. I knew I was asleep but I felt as though I was meant to be there with him as one of them. I have these dreams a lot.

I have always been able to see things in my dreams that end up happening in waking life. I can’t think of anyone that the vampire reminds me of in my life, however it is the same vampire that appears in my other dreams. I don’t know if it means anything but a few years ago I had a dream of being bit by this vampire and when I woke the next morning there was two pinpricks where they appeared in the dream.

It seems as if when I am upset or hurt he tries to reach out to me. The first time this happened I was startled but after reassuring him I was ok it was as if he calmed down. I do feel a very strong connection to him, I feel more comfortable around him than anyone else in waking life. I did ask him in my last dream if the bite would hurt and he sent me an image so I could feel it and said it only hurts for a minute. He doesn’t try to force me to change but I can feel he wants me to be with him.

I don’t always remember the whole dream but I do know I’m never scared or afraid. I don’t believe he is someone related and since you mentioned a lost love it does seem more like that. When I wake up I feel as though I’m lost without him. There is a deep sadness within me that doesn’t go away until I see him again. I will try asking some questions to see why he is always there. The one thing I wonder is why I felt like he was worried about me when I was upset. I had to keep repeating that I was alright to get the sense he was calming down.

I did have a dream about him again about 2 nights ago. We were spending time together then I told him I wanted to be like him. He asked if I was sure then when I said yes he kissed me and my neck then bit me. He then said it takes 8 times then we will be together. I responded with so I only have 6 more times then. I woke up and that had stuck with me. Every time in my dream I keep thinking to ask what he wants or his name but I always forget everything when I am with him.

When this particular dreamer first contacted me sharing her dreams and thoughts, I was convinced there was a psychic (energetic emotions) vampire (another person) attacking her through her dreams. Meaning, someone she may know was feeding off her energy for their own personal energy needs or survival. After a short discussion, (with very little information given to me about her personal life) we came to an understanding that a psychic attack was not taking place. Feeling stumped I knew I needed to view deeper. Over the course of several nights, I set an intention by requesting information that would guide me deeper into this dreamer’s past lives and future timelines. I also researched books to help me understand the history and mythology of vampires. Shortly after, I found myself unraveling another aspect of what and who vampires may truly represent in the astral. By speaking with my guides, peering deeper into dream beings, and reading a handful of books (listed in the resource section at the end of this book) I was able to translate three unique interpretations of what vampires in dreams represent (aside from psychic and emotional vampires that most of us are aware of). I feel I am able to aid in understanding what may be transpiring for the dreamers who have shared their vampire dreams with me and for many dreamers who find themselves interacting with vampires in the dreaming.

The dead who are in transition and are unable to move toward the light will find anyone near to them and appear in their dream realm. As the soul of the sleeping person is off astral traveling, the soul of the dead person will go inside the sleeping person’s body and feed off of their human life force for some type of survival – to try to live again. Some are known to remain in the human body and try to share their waking life with the soul who belongs there.

If this translation resonates with you I suggest finding an energy-worker, shamanic practitioner, or alternative healer in your area to help you explore this further and remove the soul from your energetic space / waking body. This is could also be considered a spirit possession.

There are human vampires aside from psychic or emotional vampires (and different from the many fiction and folklore types we have come to know). These human vampires are an actual species born into the human body (no different than the many species that are of an alien or unearthly being decent and appear in human form). Many of these vampire species go dormant as they live their human life only to be re-awakened at some point in their lifetime from their ‘sire’ (fathering birthing offspring). One of the triggers for re-awakening is through the dreaming, the ‘sire’ will appear and begin to feed or feed off of the dreamer sparking the return to their, true Self. The dreamer feels alive, and in true form when being fed off of by their ‘sire’. Their senses are heightened and many windows and doors begin to open acting as portals in both waking and dreaming; activating their true journey and purpose in life. It is also possible for the dreamer to find their truth through their ‘sire’ and realize that they too are descendants of the vampire species.

If you feel that this translation rings true for your vampire dream, I suggest exploring this further through a dream re-entry. Quite possibly your sire representing your teacher – will continue to open this portal and reawaken you for positive influences.

It is also possible for a dreamer to experience a vampire dream in which the vampire appears to feed off of a living soul (usually the dreamer) to help that living soul (or the dreamer) to survive some type of illness. The symbolism of a vampire sucking the blood is equal to the removal (within the living) of what is killing, harming, or hurting the dreamer emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally. The translation behind this type of dream generally means that the dreamer needs some deep healing and to find a magical remedy, equal to some type of alternative healing modality such as energy medicine. From this perspective, the vampire feeding that has taken place during the dreamtime is to heal the dreamer and may continue over several nights or several weeks. This is a positive perspective that represents the mystical healing abilities a vampire has within them.

When I contacted the dreamer again to explore the series of vampire dreams she shared with me, I revealed these findings with her. The dreamer informed me she was not sick. However, since dreams represent past, present, and future I could not help but wonder if she had yet to recognize any form of illness. I continued on and inquired about her workplace setting as a caretaking – where people do pass away – could it be possible that the spirit or spirits of the departed may be attached and draining her by feeding off of her energy. Last, I suggested that it was quite possible the vampire appeared as a healing guide in her dreamtime, re-charging, re-energizing, and healing her by removing the toxins within that may have been given to her by stagnant energies of a lost spirit hanging around her workplace. None of my inquires resonated with the dreamer. What she did resonate with was the idea of a ‘sire’ and was interested in exploring this further. She felt it was a possibility that the vampire was her sire; a guide who was part of her soul group and he appeared to wake her up and feed her as she had been ‘asleep’ in waking for too long.

If your energetic field is open then it is possible for any spirit or energy to feed off of your life force. You may be a conduit or beacon for spirits / energies and you have not realized it yet. Those spirits / energies that do not want to move on will take from anyone in order to survive or remain earthbound. If this resonates with you call on your guides to help heal you by removing the toxins and low frequency energies from your physical body and mind.

Although what I am discussing here is a dreamtime perspective of vampires, I don’t disregard the possibility that the undead or vampires are just earthbound spirits or lower vibrational entities taking over the physical body of some other living soul while they are sleeping or awake. Symbolically in dreams vampires represent a few different translations: feeding off others’ energy, emotionally manipulating them and draining their energy in order to survive. It is also possible that vampires in dreams can symbolize seduction, sensuality, fear and death. If the dream relates to someone in your waking life being a vampire, the dream could be translated as someone whose charm may ultimately be harmful to you because they have a drug addiction, sexual obsession, or something of the like. Although this is one dreaming perspective on the symbolic meaning of vampires in our dreams, there is so much more that points to the reality of our dreamtime, our interactions with different types of dream guides, and the other worldly life we exist in when our physical body lay asleep.

Please keep in mind that if at any time you feel there is certain darkness or negative energy surrounding your encounters with dreamtime vampires there is a possibility you may be experiencing a spirit possession. You are have the power to remove yourself from the dream or to ask the negative energy to leave your dreamtime.

The translation of encountering a vampire dream guide has the tendency to express many layered meanings. Vampires have the ability to teach us how to master our intuitive power of ‘reading minds’ –communicating through telepathy – for positive and maybe even for enlightening purposes. (This is a dreaming superpower!) Vampires offer us an inner awareness – to be aware – of people who survive off of draining the energy from others. A Vampire’s appearance in our dreamtime alerts us to a siring. When someone else is sired to a dreamer, a very thick invisible cord is attached to them by another. When one is sired to another they are usually unaware when it happens. (It could occur during a very murky time in the dreamer’s life and without realizing it they allowed the connection to transpire for their own reasons.) The sired person may end up existing through the patterns of another person who sired them. This is when a vampire guide will appear in one’s dreamtime to empower them to un-sire themselves as the vampire escorts the dreamer to return back to their true essence. I believe your teacher / sire will open the portal and reawaken you for positive outcomes.

Since I tend to look at dreams from a multi-faceted perspective, never ruling out the possibilities of other realities existing in our dreamtime.  Every so often I will contact a friend for their perspective; inquiring and discussing the dreaming with others supports me in my unique view of the invisible realms. I asked my friend, Kathy from New Zealand, about her take on vampires as real ‘beings’ from other dimensional realms and this is her response:

“Vampires, yes I’ve had this dream too! A year or so ago, in my dream it was like they were existing above – as if living in a space 10 feet higher than the human race. I had become one too! I think we look and act different to most people. So maybe it’s another form we can see ourselves in — going way out here, beyond. Maybe this “vampire” does exist and this is a true reality. After all, where did it all begin in order for it to be a part of human history/myth/belief? It had to come from some truth. In my dream I was quite comfortable too. We were not feeding on the blood of humans or anything like that, just existing. Maybe the blood-sucking fear we have comes from some type of religious belief/brainwash. Interesting, another dimension, maybe. P.S. I’m not one of those vampire crazed fans.”

My own dreams have always shown me that our human race does not make up all souls, all energy, or all existence. There are vast realms of beings that remain invisible, beyond our visibility. I sense many of our dreams exist to lift the veil on what we have become too frightened to view and believe in waking. Taking the time to seek and understand who and what vampires are has been perfect for my own dreamtime development, I was able to reach beyond what I had always understood and walk through new doors of exploration. Vampires led me to delve deeper into darker entities; exploring various dimensional realms, extraterrestrial races, fairies, elves, angels, gods, goddesses, werewolves, and zombies. Now as I write these pages, mermaids are popping up in dreams – all of these multidimensional beings appearing as dream guides.

Are you a dreamer with otherworldly dream experiences? If so my Para-Dreaming may be very helpful to you. If you are interested in what is really happening within your dreamtime I would love to send you an e-copy of my book (for free) and all I ask is that you write an honest review on Amazon. Contact me and request your copy!

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