residing within the realms of dreamtime

The myths that captivate us in waking are actually magical truths birthed from our unconscious selves residing within the realms of dreamtime. ~Meredith

Ghosts of our past, present, and future are a part of our waking and dreaming realities — each being (alive & deceased) have a bowl full of wisdom and knowledge to share with us. In living human form we exist as the spirits of our souls. Our souls originate from other dimensional realms that are naked to the human eye, only because long ago we shut the curtain and darkened our sight. It is time we begin to lift this veil again, and bring our true sight back in order to evolve… not only as positive living human beings, but to evolve as spiritual higher vibrational souls. The first step is for all of us to tap into our abilities, our intuition, to raise our vibrational energy levels, and to stop thinking that if it seems it is impossible then it must not be true.

Dreams are pieces of our soul’s reality, they are not always a manifestation our waking self, working through our daily lives. Dreams bring messages of our future back to us. Once you decide to take a look behind the veil, you may begin to notice your individual self awakening, and with a sudden thought to begin seeking out what you have thought to be the impossible –only to find the most amazing happenings manifesting through unconscious connections, natural sixth sense abilities, unconditional love, and radiant light.

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