Encountering a Soulmate in Dreamtime

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Every once in a while I find myself dreaming of a soul lover. I find myself wandering the foothills, running through unfamiliar and familiar European towns chasing a soul who I am very much aware is a past and future mate of mine. After what seems like a long chase of hide and seek, I find myself captured by their energetic space. Finally face to face after so many lifetimes, a dance of amorous flows between us as passionate and tragic  memories flood us both. There within the crowds of faceless people, in the middle of the street somewhere far away in a distant land we embrace.

This magical sensation of the embrace happens only when I come in contact with a soulmate of mine, first in dreaming then appearing in waking. It is a sensation that is unexplainable; one that only suddenly feels familiar when I am entwined around the arms of my mate. The Aha! Yes I remember this feeling of love when two become one, melting of our souls, zapping energy rises and sparks. … yes I remember you now! This is what it is like when I am meeting one of my (few) soulmates in my dreams.

The embrace, the communication, the illumining light that flashes within both of us, the kiss, the laughter, the eye connection, the unlocking to say goodbye, and then in a flash – as quick as I have finally caught up to him (or her**) and he (or her**) to me, we have parted. Only to see him again shortly after in my waking…. where our journey begins, again, together.

From my own experience, and the experienced shared by others, I believe that many of us have more than one soulmate. It is very possible, if it is our path to meet them again, that we will encounter more than one of them in each lifetime.

Because I am so tied to my dreamtime, and this physical reality is but a projected  illusion in linear time,  I have been lucky to be aware and know when my soulmate appears in waking.  He appears in my dream first where the chase, the dance, and the embrace first happens – it is how I am alerted to his arrival. Then shortly after (a week or two later) in waking we meet.  Soulmates appear from lifetimes in which you may have experienced beautiful or tragic lives with – either way your journey with them may continue for many lifetimes or for just a few lifetimes. It may be as simple as a contract the two of you make together; or maybe you were brought together by a higher power in which your journey together is for a higher purpose to your personal evolution.  

To clarify the difference between soulmates and lovers you may have karma with:  Some of the people I have been attracted to and have dated are just souls I have karma with or needed to experience a lesson in order to grow and expand within relationships and within my Self.  For me when these relationships end, we part, and I move on more the wiser but never missing any piece of who they once were to me.  

It is those relationships, I believe, with a soulmate in which the passion, the intensity, the sparks of light , the love will appear first in my dreams, then in waking.  With a blink of an eye my soulmate I dreamt about last week or last month appears; and the same feeling, spark of light, intensity, passion, embrace takes place. During the time we are together our love, relationship, conversation, is brought to a higher level, an invisible level that only appears when I am with a soulmate. And when we part, we do so because we know we must…… nothing has ended for us – those feelings are still intensified but it is time to move on. We both know we will meet again in another lifetime, and for both us the memory of the other lingers through this lifetime. We both know that if we need to call on the other we can find each other in the realms of our dreamtime – the dimensions our souls know well.

I feel lucky to be capable of finding my soulmates, even if there is something negative within that soulmate and my life comes with a price. I believe that is the contract I made with my Self in order to evolve into the higher aspects of my soul.

What is a Soulmate? A soulmate is someone you have a strong tie with; who you may be bonded with (they may also be part of your soul family). They are lovers from a past life, or could be a mate from another world. Sometimes you make a contract with a soulmate to meet again in the next lifetime, or a future lifetime, to finish what was started – to complete or continue a cycle, task, or to help each other evolve to a higher level of the Self in order to reach the divine. Other times you find you were once lovers with someone and there was a tragic ending – only to find out that the passionate lover from the past has returned to finish what was once loss. These encounters with your Soulmate commonly happen within your dreamtime. They will appear and send you a message of their return. Yes I believe it is possible to miss the signal in your dreams, and pass your soulmate in waking without acknowledging their return. If this happens they may continue to appear in your dreams until you receive their message. If you do not respond to their messages or signals, it is possible they may stop appearing and signally you in which they will try again in another lifetime. Sometimes it is the wrong moment in your life to reach out or to accept a soulmate into your waking life, this is perfectly ok… you will meet again when the time is right.

You know you have encountered your soulmate in your dreams because it feels like nothing else you may have ever experienced. And both of you feel it! The passion, the embrace that melts the two of you together, the magical light illuminated all around you. When you meet both your eyes light up, your spirits float and nothing in the world matters at that very moment you have finally found your lover and all the memories, whether they make sense or not flood within both of you. There is an inner knowing that both of you have.

Different Types of Soulmates have been discussed, here is an overview:

A Twin flame is a type of soulmate who one is connected too from many lives past, present, and future. A twin flame is the other half of another soul. It is quite possible for twin flames to reincarnate at the same time, however there are many lives in which they live separately. Twin flames are reunited each time one’s soul returns to back to the afterlife. Twin flames are passionate and connected beyond any physical lifetime, the energy entwined is a high vibrational frequency yet living in the human form creates such intensity that many times twin flames inflict emotional, spiritual, physical heartache on each other. Even when Twin flames are in capable of living out a relationship with each other their bond is super glue strong and they are known to watch over each other while in the physical. When only one twin flame is living the other twin flame exists within the other realms and is watching, protecting, loving, and connecting with their twin in many unearthly ways, such as in dreams. Usually twin flames have a difficult time together in a relationship within the physical, and the only way twin flames are capable of loving in a whole physical life together is when both people are capable of living in the 3rd dimensional realm at a high vibrational frequency feeling at peace with their truest Self. Most of the time twin flames shares only a moment within a physical lifetime, but will share eternity within the afterlife.

Companion soulmates are usually those soulmates that marry, loved ones we spend most of our life with, mentors, and long lasting friendships. There is a lot of calm love that flows with a companion soulmate – they are the souls who become your rock, someone who you can rely on while going go through all trials and tribulations of this physical life.  Companion soulmates will reunite in other lifetimes and always accept each other for who they are.

Kindred spirits or twin souls can be identified usually as a best friend, sibling, relative… these are people you are bonded with for most of a physical lifetime.  Like twins being born together in a physical lifetime, kindred spirits are most comfortable with each other and at times inseparable. Twin flames can share a moment in a physical lifetime to work through karma together or life lessons, or share years together in one lifetime…. either way kindred souls share many lifetimes together and come from the same soul family.

Then there is our Soul Family (not always our birth family), these are the individual people we share many lifetimes with, and live with as a family in the other dimensional realms (or our home dimension or planet) for eternity with. We may connect with them for a moment in a physical life or for several years and many lifetimes. They are always in reach even if we are not aware they exist with us in our current lifetime. They are the ones who feed our souls during the waking hours… and during our dreamtime. They love us unconditionally and are aware (even if they act as if they are not aware) of what is happening in our life and will always comfort us with love and light (even from beyond). Sometimes when those voices speak, it is someone from our soul family who is speaking to us guiding our way, leading us a helping hand, protecting us from an issue or path we must not take. They are our ancestors sending us wisdom and holding our hand when we feel alone.

Relationship Dreams vs. Soulmate Dreams: I have clients that come to me with their relationship dreams or a dream about a lover who they do not know but feel a familiarity to them. They ask if that means they will be meeting their soulmate soon. This is where the process begins between myself and the dreamer as we dive into every aspect of their dream and connect the dots with their waking life.  It is very possible to have a relationship dream in which you are involved with someone in your dream (you may not know them) but you currently have a mate or are dating someone in your waking life. If you are dreaming of someone else this type of dream may suggest you are lacking something in your waking life relationship that the person in your dream is appears to be able to give you. Or the dream may be signally you that the mate in your dream is shedding light on your partner in waking. It is also possible that your dream is suggesting it may be you who are unable to give what your current partner is in need of.

Relationship dreams come in all shapes and sizes and are personal to each dreamer. These types of dreams may suggest your capacity to give, receive, or your limited knowledge of how be in a relationship — this type of dream is showing you, guiding you, to your own personal expansion and growth in order to give more and openly receive what is being offered.

If you met your soulmate in your dream, you will know… you WILL know  — encountering your soulmate in your dream is different from a relationship dream. However I would like to add, it is possible that a soulmate will appear to offer you guidance for your current relationship. This is where being in touch with your inner self, your intuition, your gut, without your mind or ego interfering with the truth.


Since I live a dual life, existing on the boundary line of both waking and dreaming, I am aware of what my relationship dreams mean to me. I actually live out some of them. I personally believe that the positive and negative in all relationships are my life lessons; and if I pay attention then I will continue to evolve with each one within my waking life. So when I receive a dream that directly deals with my current relationship I quickly know how to read it, express it, work towards any issue it is highlighted, and then move on. But the few soulmate dreams I have personally experienced are more chasing, encountering, and embracing my soulmate – following them to the depths of the universe longing to return to them. (This being the same longing I feel to return home and remain in the realms my dreams reveal to me.) When I wake up I am granted my wish, for both the good and bad, and poof! there he is. When I think it was I who was doing the chasing and longing, I soon find out it was he who was also chasing and longing for me. Because of this awareness within both of us we were able to meet in waking life (it was time for us to meet).


I slowly awake to the lingering feeling that I do not belong in waking, rather I belong in the realities of my dreamtime – so much more pure and true then this physical life.


I would like to clarify that I have met four of my soulmates and have only been involved with three of them. I am currently with my fourth and this one is my companion soulmate for the long haul in this lifetime. There is another one (which would make my meeting of soulmate number five) who recently appeared, again, in my dreams – yet I have not met him in waking. However I do believe this particular soulmate, who I have a strong tie with, is waiting for me but not in the physical form. From my dream, I am not sure if he is existing in physical form, and I am pretty sure it will not be until after my current lifetime in which I will find him again. But I do know he is waiting for my return. He appeared in a recent dream to provide some guidance for me to my current relationship. Very helpful I add with a big smile.  He was able to shed light on a particular issue that was bothering me in waking.

I would like to add a couple of insights about lovers we meet in our dreams: Just because you birth a child with someone it may not mean they are your soulmate. I believe that many of us come together just to give birth to a particular soul – it was a contract or even the child picked the parents for whatever life lesson they chose to live out. Sometimes people come together to accomplish a task and the task is to co-parent or to help conceive a child and then disappear.  The last comment I would like to add is…. you may realize that a life partner or a soulmate is more for friendship and compatibility reasons over your choice to fill your life with intensity and passion with random lovers or people who are incompatible with you. Whatever your relationship lessons are in this lifetime I suggest tapping into your dreams, and viewing your dreams from all angles (so not to miss seeing anything).  Your dreams have already been showing you the signs and giving the answers to the questions you have been asking (or maybe should be asking).

[**He or her – I write he or her above because my past lives and future lives it is possible I may have been or will be a man or a woman… as with my soulmates the like. In this lifetime my true soulmates appear as men. However, I have had two passionate encounters with women who were convinced they were my lover in a past life. Were they my soulmates these women? I do not believe so, but I have met them in my dreams and then shortly in waking our karma exploded into a short love affair. Will I meet them again in another lifetime? I am fairly aware that I will…. and I can’t help but wonder did this lifetime create the beginning of these future soulmates?? The story will continue and only I will find that truth for myself in another lifetime or another realm beyond my physical self. ]

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