Emotional & Psychic Energy Draining Vampires: in Dreams and in Waking

I began writing this post a week ago when I was ill. Then the sun came out and warmth filled the air here in the PNW. I abandoned all writing and fought through feeling sick and spent my days outside.  Now I am back, it is raining (again) and I have finished my thoughts on vampires.  

I recently came down with an ear, tooth, throat sickness and I have been watching crazy vampire TV shows. Yes! I will admit I have gotten hooked on the two TV shows Vampire Diaries and Being Human. So hooked that the universe needed to release me from my obsession and granted me with a few days of sun and unusually June type warm weather. I was forced (thank goodness) to turn off the Netflix and remove myself from those wild vampires and their made up lives. For about a week I found the story line of those shows seeping into some of my dreams and I became confused when I would cross the threshold and interact as if I too was a blood sucking vampire. It is not often that I will dream from the influence of a television show wrapping itself around my dreaming mind and becoming tangled up in my dream realms. But it did happen, and I kept finding myself standing in the middle of my dream acting like a blood hungry vampire and interacting with others of the like. In these dreams I would become lucid, waking up to the fact that yes this particular vampire piece of my dream is just me playing dress up on stage.

So why am I writing this post? Well I have received so many inquires from dreamers asking about what vampires mean in their dreams. I have written one view on vampires in dreams from a different perspective. And I have responded to the questions individually with each interpretation being slightly different for each dreamer. By no means am I saying that blood sucking vampires don’t exist in waking or dreaming (I have seen so many unearthly beings, I have seen what humans will intentionally do to each other both in waking and in my dream realms I try not to rule out any possibility of such a creature) … however, I do hold strong to the belief that blood sucking vampires represent energy draining beings both living, departed, and from other realms (worlds).

 Blood = Energy: Both our life sources in human form — And Energy being is our life source in all forms. Like many of us (but not all) at some point in our lives we may find ourselves dabbling in the darker side of life. We test the waters of our own abilities after breaking out of the chains of living with our parents, breaking away from the ideas our parents taught us, questioning what school forced on us. There comes a time in each of our lives when we become aware of our supernatural abilities, our magical gifts, but are not always aware of how to use them.

Darkness at some point in our lives always seems to lurk with the young, with evolving souls, with those who are seeking. And when we are searching for answers to our questions, when we are seeking for teachers, mentors, guides, or others with similar abilities we sometimes find ourselves looking in the wrong places. So of course when we are offered guidance (no matter whom from) we may follow, thinking it is better to be with someone else then alone in our oddities and alone on our quest. (Sometimes for people that are tapped into their “gifts” looking for answers dabbling in the dark side does not last too long—they soon find out that light is better than dark. But for others they remain in the darkness filled with a power, following their guide, but never truly empowered.)

How do I know about vampires?  Because in a sense I was one once – yes this may sound strange but stick with me here. I was not a “goth chic”, I did not wear dark makeup (actually I never really wore makeup and still don’t) nor did I wear all black (although when I was 16 I did go through my all black ‘The Cure’ and ‘The Smiths’ phase). I was never the legendary blood sucking vampire we all have grown to hear about. What I was had to do with learning more about my gifts —which ranged from extra sensory perception in clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing), and clairvoyance (vision) — And along the way a friend tapped into my abilities and taught me how to “compel” people.  I was, at one time in my life, a psychic vampire – and to explain it simply: I used others thoughts and feelings to my own benefit; I played and toiled with others. But even through those short lived younger years I tried to find my true to Self. I not only walked the thin line between waking and dreaming but I also walked the fine line between using my abilities within the light and within the dark.  I encountered many wonderful souls during my journey through the dark side of life – many were from my soul family and a few were my soul mates from lifetimes past and lifetime’s future. They appeared at the times when I needed a reminder about me… who I truly was and why I was here; “to live and work within the light”.  I  was also lucky to encounter a few mother figures that appeared to offer me a route out of my destructive path –offering me a life line back to the light, reminding me it was inner peace I was seeking. I dabbled in the world of energy sucking vampires for a few years… say off and on from ages 18 to 22… always trying to break away from it but being drawn (compelled) back in due to the friend I was connected with. (And at that time in my life due to the fact I had no luck finding anyone else who could teach me in waking how to evolve my own gifts – then again I was looking in all the wrong places. I say in waking because I was very connected to my guides in my dreams. I guess I can say it was my dream guides who kept guiding me through my dark tunnel and back into the light.)

Before I explain anything further about Vampires I want to say, I do not regret my journey though that world. And I have spent several years paying back the negative karma that I gave out.  (However, no one has to pick the darker route, there are many more spiritual guides, healers, dream translators, and books on this subject, in arms reach, to help us all evolve without hurting others.) I needed to see and understand what I should or should not be afraid of… and I found that those humans, spirits, and unearthly beings whom live in the darkness are nobody to be afraid of, for they are actually weaker then you are.


Who or What are Vampires?

I believe Vampires are humans, spirits, energies, and unearthly beings who live within their own personal darkness (on any level). They appear in both the waking and dreaming realms up to the 4th dimension. (At this time I do not know if it is possible for energy feeders to live past the 4th dimension.)To survive they need to feed off the energy of others—drain others energy by tapping into their thoughts, weaknesses, and personal power. To gain strength they need to feed off the energy of those who have a higher vibrational energy level living within the light – this becomes difficult because many people at this level of high frequency are trained to keep themselves protected.

From my own experience I believe that to spot a vampire look for the person who is enticingly charming, giving off an eerie unfamiliar sense but you find yourself still are compelled to them.

Compelled: It is that feeling when you encounter someone and you can’t figure out why you have to meet them or be in their presence. (Let me back tract here, this is a similar feeling to meeting someone who is your soulmate, or love at first sight, or a person that instantly becomes a great friend – there is a difference between being compelled by a vampire and being attracted to a high vibrational energy level within someone.) Psychic and emotional draining Vampires compel, whereas most people will not force their presence onto another.

For example: When you meet someone who you feel an instant connection with and then leave their energetic space…. track how you feel from the moment you encounter that person, spoke to that person, left that person, and went on with your day. Watch if your energy level drops, if you feel tired, if you feel annoyed or irritated with other people; by the end of the day you may feel depressed or just not yourself, out of sorts – you most likely encountered a psychic / emotional vampire and your energy has been drained, they fed off of you.

If you met someone new in which you left their presence and you are still in a happy mood and are able to continue on with your day — emotionally, mentally, and or spiritually — with your normal or higher vibration frequency than the person you encountered was not an energy draining vampire.

This is the same in your dreaming realms. Vampires will appear in your dreams to gain what they need (to feed) in the same way they will in waking life. Vampires are only capable of feeding, draining your energy, if you let them. Most people live their life with their defenses down. Because most people are so wrapped up in their daily lives, in themselves, and are out of touch with their intuition, gifts, their power, others are easily able to drain them from their own energies. By remaining aware, keeping yourself protected (by just simply envisioning a white light surrounding you like a bubble), and raising your vibrational level higher when interacting with others (this can happen simply by living with kindness, actions of love, and positive thoughts) you can keep those psychic vampires at bay.

Above, I have been discussing of you as a dreamer, as a human being, encountering a psychic vampire but what if YOU are the vampire and don’t even know it? Your negative or depressed thoughts, low energy level, desires and wants, unhappiness about something within your life, and or loss of self are all aspects of you zapping someone else’s energy to feel fulfilled, fed, strong, and suddenly empowered. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are emotional or psychic vampires draining the energy of others in other to survive. This type of vampire lives in a low state of darkness, never to seek the light themselves because they have found a way of survival through others (and sometimes never realizing what they are doing). This type of vampire becomes used to emotionally wrecking the lives of others. They tend to surround themselves with strong nice people who want to care for the vampires every need (they feel sorry for the vampire for whatever reason and feel they need to help them in some way). In turn the strong become physically and spiritually weak, their life line is on a constant slow drip drain, compelled by the vampire (this person they think they respect and are helping) never realizing that the dark shadow casting over their light is the person they have willing (or unwilling in some cases) wanted to serve.

People who do not realize they are vampires use constant emotional distress to get others to feel sorry for them. Some are victims who never found the strength to overcome something in their lives and found comfort and security in others tending to their every whim. Others have always been emotionally weak, and instead of looking inwards for healing, strength, and transformation they attached themselves to those who are in service to others out of the kindness of their own hearts.  I believe this type of vampire has deep rooted issues that need to be tended to by a professional, in a gentle manner, in order for them to emerge back into the light. They need to learn to rely on strength and energy from within themselves rather than from others.

What about those people who do realize they are vampires draining your life line?  I want to touch on this more in another posting because I want to share my personal experience with this. For this posting I will say this:

  • Some people know what they are doing because they are trying to figure out what their abilities, their natural soulful gifts, can do and how far they extend and expand them… these people are passing through the dark on the road back to the light. Even though they are doing some harm their intentions are not to harm. This type is really harmless.
  • Other people who become energy sucking vampires have lost their way. They journeyed off their path and (for whatever reason) wandered into the dense dark forest, unable to want to find their way back out.  These vampires carry a low vibrational and dark cloud around them. You can see the darkness in their aura. This type is usually depressed and needs your energy to keep on living. They never truly have an intention to feel better… and they feed off those who work as guides, healers, counselors, and all those who are in service to help others.
  • And then there are those who never found refuge in the light of life. Beware and Be Aware of this type! These are the vampires who are extremely skillful at what they do. They are shape shifters and are able to compel even those who think they are safely protected. They find loopholes and cracks in your energetic space. They seek out doors and windows accidentally left open. They find your weakness and will seek you out until they are fulfilled from draining you. There is something they need and you happen to have it – they will find a way to take it from you. (The “It” in that sentence can be anything from material, physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental.)

Just remember YOU are always stronger than they are!! All you have to do is believe in your own strength deep within your heart and soul. Some of those that represent this last category are:

  • Those whose life became too hard too fast.
  • Those whose desires and wants out weigh the work involved or let their wants and desires overcome their every thought and state of being.
  • Those who experienced something so traumatic happen that they had no one around to nurture them or help heal them back to their true Self. Instead they remain in their own personal pain recreating their life from their darkness. Gaining power from the darkness.
  • Those who were lured away (compelled, enticed) by someone else and once turned never thought (or had the personal strength) to return back. Maybe they found refuge, comfort, security, power that they never thought they felt before.

Because I have encountered all of the above and have personal experience with vampires who live and breathe in draining others, I have found reasonable solutions for dealing with any of these types (without having to use a wooden stake to kill them): Ignore them. Do not give your power away by interacting with them. Snub them. Stand your ground. Be true to yourself. Smile and laugh. Nurture yourself and believe in yourself. Cleanse yourself daily. Lift your vibrational frequency daily. Visualize a white light that surrounds you every morning, afternoon, and evening. Sage your house as often as you feel necessary. Set good intentions and keep positive thoughts flowing. And never ever invite anyone into your energetic space (home included) that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Emotional and Psychic Vampires only have power when YOU give your power away.

I will admit because of my own experience I am overly cautious now a days. But I am always aware. I don’t put myself in situations that feel icky to me. I remove myself from the presence of people who feel dark.  And I personally stay away from large crowds of people (this is my personal choice). I live in the light. I work in and with the light. I choose to be in the light and surround myself with light. If I am ever in a situation in which I feel my energy draining, I quickly call on my guides and I reflect light off myself as protection. I am often able to pinpoint the person draining me and I telepathically let them know I am aware of what they are doing. I put a stop to it, or remove them or me from the situation.  

This all takes a lot of practice and the intentions to create an energetic space filled with love, light, laughter, peace, and happiness. I have my good days and I have my bad days. But when I have my bad days I remove myself from the presence of others. I do this because my guard has dropped (loopholes and cracks appear in my energetic field) and my energy is lower. I do not want anyone to tap into my energy reserves and drain me dry.

What is the symbolic meaning of encountering a vampire in a dream? I suggest to look within yourself and see what in your life is sucking your energy. Is it a relationship? Your job? Your family? A financial situation? Your spirituality? Your friends? Or are you draining the energy from someone else? The first step in recovering your energy is to find the vampire and remove he, she, or it from your life. If you are the energy vampire I suggest finding out what it is you need to heal and change within yourself.

I too am still growing, evolving, and shifting as I learn…. And I share with you what I have learned in hopes it will guide you on your own journey and with your encounters with others.

If you need to unravel the meaning of a dream I provide Intuitive Dream Translations for a fee. For more information visit: https://ispeakindreams.wordpress.com/book-an-intuitive-session/


2 thoughts on “Emotional & Psychic Energy Draining Vampires: in Dreams and in Waking

  1. I am a Christain do not believe in vampires or any supernatural but I have been interested in vampires since in my 29;s , I have had the same draim since i can remember . I am traveling through worlds and time but i have an guardian a vampire. I can see and talk and interact in my dreams. but i was told not to let my dreams in this world. i think my gaurdian is in my world. I feel drained all the time summtime even sexual so mutch that I can not breath and sometimes pass out. i am a wake and feel like vioces are in my head I think i have gone insain and depression and ansiety runns my life. Could i be a vampire or could one be torchering me or am i just a mixed up insain person I will not post for i fel like i am crazy

  2. Greetings Lisa, You are not a crazy person. Crazy and insane are subjective labels, so don’t let yourself or anyone else tell you your something you are not. Some Dreams are given to us to provide impact to that which we ignore in waking.

    It could be quite possible there is someone in your waking life that is draining you energy and you do not realize it. It could even be someone you love and admire. I suggest picking out the clues in your waking life. Ask Yourself is there anyone you know that weighs you down when you go near them? Anyone who you find yourself tending to more then yourself? Someone who needs you all of the time and you find your self giving and giving and getting nothing you need in return? If you are the vampire you would be doing this to someones else and you would not feel so tired and depressed.

    It is possible the voices are you tapping into the mental thinking of everyone around you. This used to happen to me and I had to find ways to close off the monkey mind and voices from the thoughts of others. I know it may be hard to believe but we all have some aspect of “psychic” gifts that we have been taught to suppress. Sounds to me you may be able to read others thoughts in passing. It could also be that your guides, your angels are speaking to you trying to get your attention. And last it could also be possible the person who is emotionally draining you is speaking to you in ways that are intrusive.

    You mentioned you feel it is a guardian vampire. I would like to know more why you sense this. Feelings, Colors, Smells, would be helpful to me if you can recall any. What does this guardian vampire look like? If you would like to explore this dream more offline please click on the following link HERE to fill out a submission form. I provide free interpretation for permission to print you dream in my writings and research.

    Or if your prefer my rate is $25 per dream and you can pay by clicking the buy now button on this page HERE.

    I look forward to hearing from you. I hope I have provided you with some insight. Truly I suggest to find a way to step back and cleanse your thoughts and energetic space. You are in control of your dreams and waking life – if you stand firm and there is an emotional vampire attacking you, they will retreat if you stand strong and do not let them into your energetic space any longer. We can discuss how to do this if you would like by clicking one of the links above I provided.

    Blessings, Meredith

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