Slugs and Snails Dream; Symbolic, Real, or Both?

I have been off my blog for a couple of weeks, focusing on writing my second book on dreams (first book DreamWorkers is due out this coming August – Release Date TBA) and enjoying the outdoors – this rare warmth and sun our area has been getting this spring. Now it has started to rain again, and I am settling back into my nightly dreaming thoughts. Everything that has been heightening for me in the ethereal is settling into both my visible and invisible worlds that I exist within daily.

So an amazing thing happened to me on the way back from the invisible realm last night. (I am always surprised at the messages that are given to us by the universe.) So I was traversing off through the 4th dimension last night on my way back to awaken with the morning sun rise when I was faced with my own healing work I have been doing for myself. This was what I dreamed:    

I was led to this long old trailer – like building that sat high on stilts. I was told by a voice to find someone that I knew (I am unable to recall who it was – but I have a odd feeling it was a girl from my childhood I once knew well). The halls of the trailer like building were very narrow and spaceship or futuristic like. However the building was old –80’s B-rated syfy movie like, it was all a bright white but old and cracking – walls and floor were breaking, flaking apart. I realized I needed to tread lightly, not in fear, but just to be aware with the amount of pressure I was placing with each step or each touch — so I would not fall through the floor or through the wall. As I wander down the lengthy hallway carefully paying attention to each crack, I forgot, at some point, what I was doing there and where I was going. I wanted to return back but knew I no longer could go back, I had to keep moving forward. I realized soon after that whatever it was I began looking for here I was not going to find in this long hallway, so I quickly decided it was time for me to leave. At that moment I heard a voice which led me to a door. I was told if I walked through this door it would lead me down some stairs and back outside at a new destination.

I opened the door and stepped into the stairway. To my surprise the stairwell walls were covered in snails and slugs – more slugs then snails. The stairway was very narrow and I was told that each step I took was fragile; and that any step I made could possible break off a piece of the stair at anytime. I became very aware that I need to pay attention and to be careful with the structure of the stairway. I stood at the top of the stairwell and soaked in my surroundings. Since the stairway was so narrow and many of the steps were covered with snails and slugs — I needed to keep my balance so I would not fall through to below, just in case a stair broke off – my first thought was to balance myself by using my hands against the walls in order to steady myself. But wait, I thought, if I do that I would crush many of the snails and slugs covering the walls something I did not want to do.

I like snails and slugs! I would never kill one, they are harmless creatures. I stood pondering for a moment how I was going to ease my way down the steps. I took a glance behind me and noticed the door I had walked through was cracked opened. I thought about retracing my steps back the way I came. But no wait! I don’t want to do that, I want to keep moving forward. I glanced at the hundreds, maybe even thousands of snails and slugs that covered the stairway and walls. How was I going to do this without touching them? There was no fear within me, just confusion – I felt slightly grossed out by the thought of my hand being covered in slim from the snails and slugs. However, I knew they did not mean any harm and their presence was something more then I was able to comprehend at that moment. Am I ready to move down the stairs? I thought to myself. Slowly, steady. Is a voice I heard in return.

I woke up.

This dream came back with me in waking, Slugs and snails? Really? I am used to dreaming of spiders and ants….and even lady bugs and beetles but never slugs and snails that I can recall.  I lifted myself up and out of bed to dress for an early morning run. I would ponder on this dream while out running.

And to my (wonderful) surprise, as I stepped outside my front doorway there laid on the landing area, at the top of the (two) stairs down was one snail and one slug. Ok I get it universe you are trying to tell me something!!!

This dream is not only symbolic but it is something that is real and concrete to me. What appeared in my dream realm also appeared in my waking. Long ago I stopped questioning where I go at night. I stopped asking if all the visions and adventures were in my mind’s eye…. or if my soul detached itself from my physical self and astral traveled to far off realms beyond the last star in our galaxy. I have come to know, understand, accept that at night during the hours of sun set and sun rise (with many exceptions to the thought of exact time and days) I, my soul – my true self, traverses in a 4th dimensional realm not only working out the “things / issues / thoughts” that become an obstacle for me in my 3rd dimensional world, but I also work – I am doing the work of my soul’s purpose.

This morning on my run I called in my angels, my guides, my power animals, and asked for communication with the Arcturains so I could unravel the meaning of this dream puzzle. The pieces were all there but what why the slugs and snails in abundance, what did this mean? Through an hour of open line of communication (telepathy), and some research, I uncovered an amazing amount of information on slugs and snails that I never knew. Oh I love my dreams for all the knowledge it reveals to me… and for every healing that takes place within them – they only allow me to move forward and continue to evolve.

 What I revealed and pieced together was this: I revealed how connected my soul and spirit is to both snails and slugs. And how equally to my waking life self –which is currently going through a  3 month forgiveness cleanse (thanks to my friend and Reiki teacher) — has everything to do with snails and slugs.

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Did you know that slugs are mystical and ethereal? That they have more to do with the invisible then being earthbound. Slugs are tied to the moon and stars, to the realms far beyond what our waking eyes are capable of seeing. And they appear in the night to speak as they represent great communicators in both waking and spiritual realms. A slug represents simplicity, letting go, forgiving, not collecting the bad stuff, words, or thoughts of other people, and to not becoming attached but rather connecting to a solid base while moving forward on its journey. They also are a symbol of deep healing, wisdom, self-protection, and strength. And they see with pure light, they see spirit and can also see shadow – they see the invisible more than the visible. They also represent and guide those on the Hermit path towards higher vision. A new path has opened for a dreamer who connects with a slug. Smiling, I knew why I always thought slugs to be so precious.

Snails are a slug with a hard shell (hard outer shell with a soft tender interior): A Snail represents the self protection of emotions and spirit. They are loners. A snail reminds us to be aware of one’s surroundings at all times while trusting their intuitive selves at each encounter they happen upon. Symbolically they remind us to learn to trust, protect one’s inner child, and to show the soft interior to others every once in a while. Snails move slowly—they exist, they live, they move at their own pace. They do not try to keep up with the rest of the world. They let everyone else move swiftly past them, yet they still arrive at their intended destination. I had to laughed; this too is me to the core.

So then the question comes back to… How do I know if this dream actually took place or if it is just a symbolic representation of an aspect of my waking life Self? This dream is both real and symbolic to me.

I know my purpose in this life, I discovered it long ago after years of childhood seeking. A big part of my purpose happens within my dream state. I am (my soul) traversing through the 4th dimensional realms, while my physical body lays dormant waiting for my return. I do bring my 3rd dimensional issues / aspects into my dream state because it is all a part of my evolution – for me to grow I have aspects of my physical, mental, emotional bodies I need to work on at the same time I am living out my soul’s purpose. During my work, that I do in my dream state – missions, guiding others, healing – I also am allotted moments to work and heal on myself. I realized not too long ago that I am unable to help someone else unless I too am in progression of healing and helping myself.

Because in waking I exist with a hard shell, like the snail protecting myself in the physical realm, in the other realms I connect with the slug (no shell) – tender heart and tuned in to every aspect of the invisible and visible.

I want to speak on one other thing…..

The old, long, narrow trailer- looking – syfy – building represents my old ways of living, thinking, being – it no longer can hold me up. I recently learned that as I work towards moving into the 5th dimensional realms I need to shed the parts of my human self that won’t let go – I need to find forgiveness in other humans faults, in the pain they place on me – past and present – and exist in forgiveness filled with love. The 5th dimensional realms are all about love – and within that love there is always forgiveness… actually one always acts out of love so forgiveness is never needed for unforgiving does not exist there. So my old ways, this old trailer syfy building is slowly falling apart piece by piece, and the weight of my new self emerging is placing a large amount of pressure weakening the old building. What I unraveled was that these slugs and snails covering the stairway were covering the cracks, strengthening the base for me to move forward without slipping through, without falling through the weakness of my old foundation.

What I realize awake that I did not realize in my dream state was that I would have never crushed any of the slugs or snails; rather they would have held me up as I moved slowly over them down the stairs.

My dreams let me watch myself transition and evolve, as if there are two physical me’s – parallel to each other – and the old me becoming invisible as it is merging into the new me. Two earth’s collide – the new earth is our higher vibrational selves.

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How will you embrace a snail and slug next time one (or both) appears before you?