Dream Sessions via email

If you have a nagging dream you need to understand… or an otherworldly dream adventure you need to explore…  maybe you are experiencing a reoccurring dream / dream symbol or visitation dream that is trying to send you a message that you just are unable to decode…. or maybe you just have a dream question you want answered… you can now request an email dream session with me!

I am offering two different types of email sessions:

Dream Interpretation Session for $35.00 – here we explore the meaning of the dream you would like to find guidance on dream…. together via email session. (You also receive 1 of my dreaming eBooks with this session!)



Dream Exploration Session for $75.00 – during this email session I not only guide you through finding meaning to the dream you wish to explore …. but I also offer you helpful dreaming tools for you to take with you and utilize for all future dreams you will experience. I also offer a follow up email session anytime after our completed session to answer any dreaming questions you may have during your time spent utilizing my dream tools. And I give you all 3 of my dream books in e-format!



Both session may require multiple email communication:

A Dream Interpretation session via email communication may last up to 5 days, after our initial contact, as we explore your dream.

A Dream Exploration Session may last up to 2 weeks after our first dream exploration email. This session is more in-depth as I offer you dream tools and dream exercises.

Once you submit your payment please contact me via email with the dream you would like to explore together. My response time to your first email once payment & dream are received is 24 to 48 hours.

Please do not just randomly email me a dream without payment. I can not respond to random dream emails. Please read Giving Your Dream Away first! Then reach me via Contact Me  to set up an appointment and submit your session payment via one of the PayPal buttons above.


Or just buy one of my dreaming eBooks for $5.00! Click here for more information to purchase a dream book!