Translating Doors and Hallways within Your House Dream(s)

Recently I was translating a dream regarding a house, rooms, hallway, and doors. I posted in the past, here on my blog, about the general meanings behind
dreaming of a house and rooms …. as the house represents our individual foundation; it is the temple where our soul resides and each room is an aspect of our Self.

When translating symbolic images, I suggest dreamers to take the general meanings and find how it fits into what is happening in their own house dream. Remember every time you shift within your Self, or an aspect of YOU shifts, your house / rooms change. Try not to get caught up on a simple general meaning, especially if you feel it does not relate to your own dream. Dreams are about transformation, healing, guidance, and they shift, twist and change as you evolve and grow.

If you dream of a house that appears or feels unfamiliar – this may mean that the dream is bringing to your attention a piece of YOU that you have never visited …… or may have hidden away and forgotten about. It could also mean that as a dreamer you were viewing a house that actually belonged to someone else and maybe that is why it may have felt unfamiliar.

The unfamiliar house in your dream may represent “seeing” for the first time aspect(s) of your Self you had never taken a look at before. As the dreamer, you may be entering into a part of yourself that needs to be cleansed, renewed, or taken cared of……. All people who are spiritual, seek spiritual lessons, or are growing & evolving within themselves seem to move through their own internal darkness…. the scary, the unfamiliar, deep deep within, in order to emerge into their own personal light and transformation.

Houses hold all of the pieces to our lifetimes of our Soul (our Self). Rooms contain the secrets, stories, emotions / feelings, senses, memories, and answers to our past, present, and future. Peer in and visit every piece of your dreaming house.

Doors:  Doors I find to be so personal and abstract. The general meaning of doors can come across so vague to me personally. Some dream interpreters believe doors are choices we have presented before us. Other dream workers seem to believe doors represent the main access to ideas, other realms, places, and individuals. Some see doors as sexual parts of our bodies (example: front door vagina ; back door anus; arches of door ways pubic bone; closing doors means intercourse). Others (depending on the placement of the door) view the translation as the way through to unconscious processes and also the way back to our consciousness. None of these translations are wrong of course (I do not believe any dream worker should say one is right over the other when dealing with any symbolic interpretation)…. But doors (as many symbols) can be interpreted differently for each individual depending on their dream.

I have found within so many dreams that doors are also choices when we are at a fork in our road. Sometimes doors appear in dreams when we feel stuck, lost, confused, or indecisive to remind us that we do have options. Doors never seem to be positive or negative, it is how we perceive them, how we embrace them, how we digest and accept what we see behind the door that matters.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What is happening in your life right now that doors have shown themselves to you?
  • Are these doors inviting? Or do you have fear around the doors when you look at them?
  • How many doors are their? Are the doors aligned? Are they all over the house or are they only down a long / short hallway?
  • Have you tried to open any of the doors? If so what happened? Or how did you feel about opening the door(s)? If you have not opened a door, why not? What holds you back from peering pass each door?

 I suggest going back into the dream and spend some time feeling out each door. Wash away the fear and have no expectations of what might be behind them. Choose wisely on which order you open each door…. But find the courage to open them one at a time. You may be surprised what awaits behind each door. Don’t be alarm on what is behind each door, but find a way to embrace each one whether you perceive it as positive or negative. A dreamer can view each door and what it contains as a way for individual growth while moving forward down their path.

Hallways: Think of a hallway as your personal path within your house. It can lead you to the answer(s) to all your questions you seek. Some hallways seem longer than others at times, but this all depends on your placement in your present life. Usually if a hallway is long it is because you need to take your time to unravel the mysterious, the lessons, the teachings, the answers you are seeking… the appearance of a hallway is meant to help you take your time.

If the hallway is shorter in length then it may mean you are ready to be shown what you seek at that moment in your waking life. As houses shift forms, remember hallways change lengths depending on your needs and your own personal readiness in you waking life.

Always pick up on your senses of your hallway and door dreams. Think about how what you see, the colors and how you are feeling. These are all clues for you when exploring and moving through different aspects within your waking life. 

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