Lions, Cats, Bears, and Dogs… Oh My!…. In Our Dreams

Many people experience animals appearing in their dreams. An animal represents something personal to the dreamer’s past, present, or future. Animals appear in our dreams to empower the dreamer, guide the dreamer, and sometimes to dismember the dreamer during a personal transformation. Below are general meanings to five animals that appear often in dream submissions I received from my clients.   

Lion: A lion stands for protection, courage and loyalty to one’s true Self. If a lion appears in your dream ask yourself, “Am I of need of courage and protection? Am I living up to my Truth? What courage am I lacking about a situation?”

House Cat: Cats are independent creatures, who are self assured and don’t need much attention to survive. In the dream realms, cats represent intuitive healers, warriors, and guardians between the under and upper worlds who seek answers to the unknown. When a cat you own (or know) appears in your dreams I have found that they appear to protect your boundary line (between waking and dreaming) from unwanted energies / entities. If you don’t know the cat that has shown up in your dream, Ask Yourself “Have I been tending to myself lately? Have I let my guard down for intruders?”

Dog: Dog represents loyalty for its pack. A dog keeps a watch out for any negative energy or people who are trying to disrupt his pack / family. Dogs are obedient and easily taught — they need a master to survive and evolve. If a dog appears in your dream ask yourself, “Am I lacking the loyalty I need from my family? Or is it I who is not being loyal to the pack?” Depending on your dream you may want to also ask yourself, “Am I seeking or in need of a teacher?” If you find the dog acting irrational or barking a lot, it may be protecting you from a negative energy that has entered your home.

Wolf: A wolf is also loyal to its pack. But there are also lone wolves seeking a pack to be part of. A wolf is very intelligent and provides inner guidance to your spiritual Self. A lone wolf will stay by your side as you journey into the unknown (deep dark forest of your dreams) and keep watch at night while you walk through the darkness. If a wolf appears in your dreams ask yourself, “What journey am I on that prevents me from seeing clearly?” Or maybe you need to realize that you are not alone on your journey— call on the wolf to make appearances at your side to guide your way. 

Bear: A bear represents strength and endurance while bringing harmony in your life.  Bears are not to be feared in a dream, but rather embraced. (Have you hugged a big cuddly bear today?) Ask yourself, “Is there somewhere in my life I lack the balance needed to endure a particular situation?” When a bear appears in your dreams and roars it is trying to get you to listen to your intuition. I suggest stopping and listening to what your inner Self is telling you.

Please remember that these are just general meanings to the five animals I briefly discussed above. Take what resonates with you and disregard what does not. I suggest to look at all images and symbols in your dream to fully understand why the animal has appeared and what connection it has in your waking life.  If you experience a reoccurring animal in your dreams, and if you find it is providing guidance it may possible be one of your power/spirit animal guides. Before going to sleep set the intention to speak with this animal in your dream ask it what message or guidance it has to offer you.   

I will discuss more animal symbolism in another posting in the near future.

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