Dream Books


As of January 2017….My Dream Books are no longer available with Kal-Ba / Cactus Moon Publishing on Amazon or anywhere else (unless you find a book seller selling a print copy because they still have some in stock). I thank Cactus Moon for all they have done to promote and help me sell my dream books!

I am working on updating my 3 Dream Books and making them available mid-2017 only through my website.

If you are currently interested in one of my Dream books (please scroll down to learn more about each book) please contact me directly (via email) and I can send you an e-copy for a small fee of $5.00. Pay via Paypal.

I am also still in the early stages of completely 2 more Dream Books — one is expanding on my Dream Oracle Brought to Voice book by adding a complete Dream Oracle Deck – illustrations for this book by artist Starr Weems. The other book is an exploration of death dreams and the meaning behind these types of dreams — My thanks to every dreamer who has submitted a death dream for my research! 🙂


Interested in otherworldly dream books? Do you often have dreams that are out of the ordinary? Have you ever had a dream where you were visited by a departed loved one, a stranger, or a multidimensional being? Do you fine that ever once in awhile you are helping the dead? Then my dream books are a must read for you!!

Dreams Oracles Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles

Para-dreaming: An Otherworldly Window into Paranormal Dreaming

DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams



In  Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles Meredith guides the dreamer in understanding how to listen to the messages brought to them through their dreams on a nightly basis. This is not a dream dictionary. These pages hold within them a type of bed side companion on exploring the common, and not so common, dream images that provide us with insight into our special dream dialogue. Each dream is personal to the dreamer and each image holds a general overview that can escort them towards the translation of the dream and what it means to the dreamer. Meredith invites you to summon the dream oracle and enter into a divine world of dreaming.

“Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles  is an extraordinary book for anyone looking to enrich his or her dreamtime experience. Meredith created a masterpiece through which she assists you in learning how to better discover, relay and put purpose to, your dreamtime messages. This is a guide upon which having read the first pages you will begin to transform your dreamtime.”  ~ Read and Reviewed by Eve York Mormino at Zoetic Life

Dream Oracles include: Water, Soulmates, Mythical Creatures, Visitations, Death, House, Animals & Bugs, Dream Guides, Transportation (journeys), Rebirth, Windows & Mirrors, Premonitions, and School (learning). Plus… Dream Recording and Sharing.


Para-Dreaming Book Image“If you’re looking for a book that explores the questions about dreams no one wants to tackle, this is the book for you. Meredith Lugiai is a heavy-hitter when it comes to the phenomenology of paranormal dreams. She collects, studies (and experiences) dreams on precognition, alien encounters, direct messaging and parallel lives. Her formulations go far beyond the self-conscious apologies of the skeptics, or the emphatic ramblings of the less-than-credible. Instead, Lugiai explores what may be the purpose of our paranormal experiences and dream-related visions: growth, understanding, empowerment and acceptance of our larger selves. ” ~Gillian Holloway

DreamWorkers_MeredithSmith  DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams is Dream Intuitive Meredith Smith’s first book. She shares with readers stories of dreamers who aid both the departed and the living within the dreaming. Meredith as a vivid dreamer herself and discovers how she, along with an abundance of other dreamers, work in their dreamtime with the departed — fulfilling a purpose to assist souls in many different ways, such as: helping transition the deceased from the physical and into the afterlife. DreamWorkers takes the reader on an otherworldly journey through the dreaming — realms which reside far beyond the waking. Meredith shares her own dream journeys from childhood to present, while also re-telling other dreamers stories of their work involving ‘spirit rescue’ and ‘spirit healing’ taskforces. Could you be a DreamWorker on the Night Shift? Meredith guides readers to awaken to their dream travels, illuminating spirit encounters while leaving the reader to realize that they too may actually be employed as a Night Shift Worker during their dreamtime.