Excerpt from 13 Dream Oracles – Visitation Dreams

Excerpt from my book Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles

Visitations – When the Dead Come Calling

It is time to give a voice to those who are gifted with dream visitations from the newly dead. These dreamers are emerging out of their own silence to share experiences about their dreams of earthbound ghosts and those effervescent spirits who they see lingering between the third and fourth astral planes, resembling flashes of particles of light appearing and disappearing before their eyes. Over the past few years dreamers are awakening in their dreams to the conversations they are sharing with the recently departed. Those who recall their dreams upon waking are finding that they are capable of bringing back knowledge from these encounters that contain much needed information about the physical realm. Learning more about those we know, about ourselves, the afterlife, and images of all the realms in-between. Dreamers, or night travelers, have the ability each night to return to these dimensional realms, recognizable by our souls, to retrieve information from those who are deceased and reside on the other side. These incredible nightly travels occur for plenty of dreamers. The obstacle in noticing and noting visitation dreams stem from dreamer’s difficulty to recall their chance meetings with the dead.

Dreamers who are unable to recall their dreams upon waking, may not be allowing themselves to receive these messages –somewhere within them may lay a blockage from their past or present, and this blockage may prevent the belief in their own ability to greet the dead during dreamtime. It is easy to disregard visitations as a visit from a spirit, preferring to view them just as a symbolic representation of a particular aspect of oneself – although this can be a true interpretation to explore, most often when the dead appear a dreamer is experiencing a visitation from a guide, a spirit, and or a deceased loved one.

So why do dreamers receive visitations from the dead, both familiar and unfamiliar?

For most dreamers a visitation appears for one or two reasons:

Someone the dreamer knows (family, friend, loved one, or distant familiar person) who just passed and s/he needs the dreamer’s guidance in the transition from physical plane to soul plane, and reassurance of their physical death.

The dreamer is in need of guidance, protection, comfort. A spirit, familiar or unfamiliar, will appear with a message, and provide a sense of love and warmth for the dreamer. Not often does the dreamer realize s/he requested the assistance; often we find our higher self will dial the call.

The beauty of these types of visitations are they offer messages and comfort in the time of most need either for the dreamer or the person who has passed on from their physical form. There is solace in knowing that when a dreamer lacks guidance, nourishment, or tenderness it is possible to subconsciously call on a deceased loved one asking them to appear to provide assistance, light, and warmth to the dreamer.

Occasionally the dead will appear in dreams unexpectedly and for reasons that may seem unclear at first. Some spirits will convey a message, support, or guidance clearly for the dreamer; other times spirits create a mystical puzzle for the dreamer to piece together over a course of several visits to the dreamtime in order to translate the message communicated. If aware that the deceased have the ability to appear in dreamtime, then a dreamer becomes more naturally prepared to observe ways to receive and decode the messages given. With this simple knowledge of awareness and acceptance, a dreamer enhances their own abilities to remain aware and available to those spirits that appear needing assistance from the dreamer.

What Are Earthbound Spirits and Why are They Still Here?

Earthbound spirits are those who have died but remain, haunting or lingering, in either the location where they died or attaching themselves to loved ones who they left behind. Some earthbound spirits are known to attach themselves to a material item that keeps them connected to their once physical life. These ghosts are unable to let go and tend to manifest a haunting impression within their energetic fields of how their life should remain. It is their stagnate energies imprinted on the object that illuminates their lower vibrational presence for the living. These ghost linger between the third and fourth dimensional planes, losing their knowledge and path towards the afterlife. (When I speak of dimensions, dimensional realms and planes I am exploring the invisible non-physical realms that exist beyond the veil. We astral travel each night through the dimensional realms and planes. Some dreamers visit many, while others just remain within one sphere of the dimensions.)

Why do earthbound spirits remain present?

They need to have resolution from something or someone in their recent physical life.

They are looking for forgiveness before they feel they are allowed to move on.

They are bound to their material life (which they are unable to bring with them into the afterlife).


Drowning into all aspects of my self

Souls: Spirits Who Have Crossed Over

It is important to note here that earthbound spirits are different from spirits who have passed onto the afterlife. Those who have crossed over and then return in our presence are in their pure form; they embody their energy form and I understand them to be high vibrational Souls. When a Soul appears in your dreams they do so because:

They may have a message to offer you.

They want to show you that there is life after death.

Some souls do return as a dreamer’s spirit guide.

To note the differences: Souls who return after crossing over in the afterlife hold a beautiful radiant high vibrational frequency filled with an energetic field of love and light surrounding them and within them. Earthbound spirits may also be referred to as Apparitions and usually have a low vibrational frequency leaving imprints of their energies behind to attach to people, places, and things. Many of these earthbound spirits become ghosts of the past feeding off the energies of people, homes, and locations to survive in spirit and not fade into an energetic imprint. A dreamer will know what type of spirit has arrived in their dream world by the way they feel in the presence of the spirit in their dream.

If the dreamer feels a strong sense of comfort and peace, no anxiety, and is embraced by a luminous light surrounding the presence, they are in the presence of a higher vibrational soul who has crossed and returned.

If the dreamer feels low, anxious, uncomfortable, fearful, cautious, with a sense of dark or dim light hovering then the dreamer has encountered an earthbound spirit. There is no need to be afraid. It is essential for the dreamer to remain in their own positive vibrational frequency and say, “You are not invited in my space. Please leave my energetic field. I send you off with love and light. Thank you.”

As long as the dreamer remains in control, has no fear, and does not give their power or energy away to the earthbound spirit no attachment will take place. Most spirits that are stuck and lingering between realms are lost and looking for help to move forward, they are in need of some type of assistance.

Dream Oracle: If the dead come calling in your dreams, greet them from a place of love rather than feeling fear within their presence. Ask them why they have appeared. Be prepared to receive a message or to offer assistance. Remain calm and open to what they have to say or show you.


There is a possibility that when the dead come calling they are a symbolic image representing a facet of the dreamer. Spirits appearing in a dream may symbolize an aspect of the dreamer:

Representing a hidden element of the dreamer that has been lost or forgotten and is now needed to merge back with the dreamer for their own personal growth and healing.

Materializing as a symbolic representation of undiscovered powers offering the dreamer creativity and inspiration.

Deceased loved-one returning symbolizes the dreamer’s desires to re-connect with the qualities the deceased represents to the dreamer.

A need for comfort and strength from the person who has passed.

Or to illuminate a memory of the past or provide an offering from the future for the dreamer to heal within the present.

Dream Oracle: Lean closer into your dream and take a look at the traits this spirit encompasses. Next connect the dots on how these attributes can feed your body, mind, and soul in your waking life.

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