Below I have provided you with some wonderful feedback from dreamers / clients, who I have had the pleasure providing intuitive guidance through their dreams and healing sessions:

In early January, I had a profound dreaming experience and started to look for more understanding regarding the dream. I stumbled upon Meredith’s website, and saw that she was looking for people willing to share their dreams that had the same subject matter as mine for research.  So I wrote a huge email to her explaining a little bit about myself and background, and of course, about the dream.  I received a reply the next day, and she had wonderful insight into the dream and really helped me become more resourceful in figuring out more about myself.  I have discovered a deeper side of myself, and it all started with the dream I had, and the insight and understanding I received from her. It really helped me open my eyes. Some of my emails were giant, and very long. But Meredith always took care in replying and addressed everything I had brought to her, and replied very kindly to all my questions.  She really has been a big blessing to me. I see now I how I didn’t so much stumble onto her website, as it was more time for me to dig deeper into the dream realms, and she was the perfect person to help me! ~Katie M.


“I would Like to acknowledge and commend this stranger that has over time become a dear friend. Certain things in my life, I couldn’t share openly without fear of judgement. It was hard for me to take the steps outside my own little world to get help to seek the answers to my questions.  What I was looking for is what I found in my correspondence with Meredith. This was not a one-sided correspondence, but one of equal measure. The openness of Meredith’s spirit gives her the opportunity to share what she has to offer to who is willing to listen, and in turn you can also give back. I hope Meredith will always be apart of my life, as I know in my heart I will always be there for her. Her experience is far from restricted. My spiritual values, fears, confusions have all moved into a more positive and strong direction. Thank you Meredith!”  ~Kath from New Zealand


“Meredith is a beautifully sensitive dreamworker and communicates her wisdom in a way that everyone can understand and relate to.She takes care of her clients and is always working to empower and illuminate even the most complex puzzles of life and dreams. She is a dedicated and absolutely trustworthy guide to the mysteries of the inner life and the power of symbology. If you are seeking a dream guide who is also a natural shamanic clear-visionary, Meredith is the one. If you are on a path of growth, I cannot recommend her work strongly enough.”     ~Gillian Holloway, Ph.D.  Author of The Complete Dream Book.


“Thanks a lot, what you wrote in the other email did help clarifying many things. I think it’s really good what you are doing.” ~Giu, from London


“Thank you so much Meredith for all of the dream feedback below.  I will indeed take up some of the meditative/waking activities that you suggest and keep the dream/symbols in mind.  I really appreciate the feedback and appreciate it being explorative for further development.” ~Lisa


“I want to thank you for the great work you did for me interpreting the message of my dream. You opened a wonderful process of learning to me. Thank you again!” ~ D.S.


“Meredith, I prayed about guidance and I think that you were meant to help me.  I appreciate it. Thanks!” ~J.C.

“Listening to a dream by campfire or over a morning cup of tea is better fun than going to the movies, and the dream may run the whole gamut from romance to horror, from Star Trek to soaps.”       ~Robert Moss, the Secret History of Dreaming 

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