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Please read everything below before filling out the contact form for any type of inquiry. Thank you.

Interpreting dreams takes time and energy to provide guidance through emotional & mental support — that is why I ask for payment for my service. There needs to be an energy exchange when asking for help. It does not always have to be money and sometimes it is as simple as a trade or paying if forward but when asking for dream or healing help it is important to make an offering. If you seriously want an answer to your dream then the price and energy exchange will be worth it. 

Read my blog posting on giving your dream away to understand more about sharing dreams with someone else.

Please do not just email me your dream without going through the proper channels (mentioned below) and requesting a dream session and submitting payment. I offer ample FREE dream information on my blog (just search what you are looking for)… Plus my dream books can provide you with self-help through exploring and understanding afterlife dream communication aka visitation dreams and otherworldly dreams you may be experiencing.

Click here to learn more about and purchase one of my dream books.

If you would like guidance around your dreams please contact me first (by filling the out the form below) and request a dream interpretation session via email. Once I respond to your email (with information on the process of how I will guide you through understanding the meaning of your dream you are sharing with me)  I will also request  payment– sending you the correct link for payment via PayPal – and I will also request for you to submit the dream (via email) you would like to explore. My response time to schedule your dream session request is anywhere from 24 to 72 hours … however, once we have made initial contact (via email) and once payment is received, my response time with a dream interpretation via email is 24 hours.

Unfortunately, I will not respond to dreams randomly emailed without payment or request for dream interpretation session via email.

Thank you for taking to time to share your dreams with me by requesting a dream session appointment via email. “In sleep, I am home.”