Flash of Spirit Radio Shows

Here are some links to radio shows / podcasts  discussing dreams, spirituality, and the paranormal. Flash of Spirit is a blog talk radio show I co-hosted weekly in 2010 – 2011.

To find /listen to my most recent guest spots in 2012 and upcoming year 2013 please click here!

Flash of Spirit Show (weekly wisdom based talk show exploring nightly dreams, spirituality, and messages given to us in our everyday lives http://www.flashofspirit.com)   Once you click the link below, it will open a new tab, just scroll down to click on any of our past recorded shows. Stream them or download them! Enjoy! 








BSFollmer Show — guest spots in 2010

Please take note that the above podcasts are older and the website address mentioned in the shows no longer pertains to me. I have changed my website address and blog since these shows above.