Our lives are not our own…

“Our lives are not our own from womb to the tomb …..we are bound to others past and present…. and by each crime and every kindness we birth our future.” ~Cloud Atlas

Jan 2016

Hello fellow dream travelers!

I came back to dreaming for a moment after a short break in the summer of 2015 but have now decided to shift my focus fully (new opportunities and adventures await) – although I am still slowly and delicately working on my Dream Oracle Cards artist Starr Weems and I had set out to accomplish together (this will manifest in due time as I evolve in and out to the writing for them) … I am going to take a break from my blog and dreamwork. Everything I needed to say, share, explore, discover, and research has been done on my part, for now – via my blog and published books.

My blog is filled with ample FREE dream information – please explore, search, and read as you wish. Do remember that lots of my dream groups, workshops, research are no longer active. (Please take note: My tumblr page is no longer active and has out of date information). I will still be involved with twitter but by sharing lots of diverse info / articles I find.

Purchase any or all of my 3 dream books – as everything I have researched and discuss on my blog is within the pages of those 3 books. Here is a link to learn more or to buy one of my books. You can find them in many different online book stores.

Update March 2016: I am currently collecting dreams for a new book I am researching on death dreams. If you would like to submit a death or dying dream for my research please click on the following link for information on how to submit the dream https://ispeakindreams.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/collecting-dreams-on-death-dying/

~Enter a world of divine dreaming~ Dreams are the essence of our soul~

Blessings, Meredith


This blog posting (below) was first written on June 23, 2015

June 2015

Hello dreamers, I am taking a sabbatical from dream and healing work.  My focus has been leaning elsewhere within this reality we live in. My blog has ample amount of dream information to guide all of you through the otherwordly adventures our dreams present us all.  Please read through my blog freely.

Please remember: Each night you fall into sleep your soul travels to other worldly dimensional realms. We live out all our lives simultaneously. And with each time line presented to us the outcome is due to our action, emotion, and reaction – it is our choice how we choose what path to travel upon to fill our soul’s contracts (agreements).  Dreams are intertwined with our realities.

Also check out my website to learn more about my my 3 dream books: http://paradreaming.com

Until we meet again on this plane or in dreamtime…. Blessings, Meredith

~dreams are the essence of our soul~