What is a Night Shift Worker?

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What is a Night Shift Worker? What does working the Night Shift mean?
A Night Shift Worker (NSW) is a dreamer who works with the departed within the realms between waking and the afterlife. A Night Shift Worker is one who works within their dream state—such as with spirits who need help while in a state of limbo after death and souls who need guidance and healing (this varies)—hence Night Shift Dreams. Through my research, I have found that some dreamers are called to fulfill a purpose to help souls cross over into the afterlife. I believe that within the dream realm, the dreamer is one of many living souls who may be a type of ‘spirit rescue’ or ‘spirit healing’ task force, taking turns tending to the departed and souls in transition.
‘The Night Shift’ is the term I have come to use after I met Dr. Gillian Holloway. Gillian is a dream psychologist, author of dream books, professor, and dreamer. She created a private dream certificate training program that I happened to come across back in 2009.  At the right moment in my life, in 2010, I found myself involved with the four-week training program and individually working with Dr. Gillian Holloway. We quickly bonded, and from the very beginning she confirmed what I had also known. I am a natural at translating dreams and understanding the depth of symbolic meaning for any dreamer.
Gillian took me one step further, and this unraveled all the questions and research I had been doing for all these years. My dreams were not just analytical aspects of physical self and waking life; they were long journeys through the astral plane, to the other side of our soul’s existence. I did not just dream, but I actually worked in my dreams. I did not just vent my waking life issues in my dreams, rather I dove deep in the realms of healing and spirituality. I did not just encounter random characters my mind / ego created, rather I interacted with spirits, souls, people alive and departed. It was Dr. Gillian Holloway who explained to me, “Meredith, sounds to me like you have a regular full-time job as a night shift worker.” And at that moment, I awoke and found answers to my lifetime of these dreams. “Aha, I knew it! I knew I was doing something more than the blanket translations of dreams.” I had found the answers to what I had been asking for 30 years and at that moment knew I was not alone within these types of intense dream experiences.

The Night Shift embraces the meaning behind a shift. It is a set of hours the dreamer is working, just like working a job in waking life. A shift is also the shift of consciousness within oneself the dreamer experiences while working within their dreams.

How does a dreamer know they are a Night Shift Worker or experiencing a Night Shift Dream?
Night Shift Workers experience an inner knowing when they are dreaming, astral travelling, and in a sense lucid as they interact with spirits between the many dimensions laid out before them during sleep. These types of dreams are more vivid than others, utilize all the senses, and feel mentally and physically real. When a dreamer awakens back into physical reality from one of these dreams, they tend to feel extremely exhausted and tend to have an unexplainable feeling that they spent the whole night working rather than receiving a restful or peaceful night’s sleep.  Upon waking, often the dreamer comes to experience a headache along with unexplainable body aches and sore muscles.
During the past several months, while writing this book, I asked others to submit dreams to me that felt out of the ordinary—the extraordinary—dreams that felt real yet had no explanation. I asked for dreams about afterlife communication with departed loved ones, and dreams in which a dreamer acted as a healer or guide but was unable to symbolically translate the meaning. One of the dreamers I was lucky to communicate with was a woman named Jenny. She shared a few dreams with me (which I will share in this book) and spoke honestly with me about her experiences between sleep and dreaming:
I too enjoy sleeping. I have always been a dreamer. I can take a nap and have a dream. Since I was a kid I have been like that. Maybe I am now finally ready to move into my next phase? Or ready to accept what I am seeing, hearing, dreaming. I can take a 20-30 minute nap sometimes and can actually feel like I am coming back into my body. It is so weird. I can even feel myself in a nap falling asleep and then feel like I am sitting up and leaving my body. I don’t always remember what I am doing after I leave. A few times I have floated over to my neighbor’s home and can see them from above. All I know is that I am very active in my sleep; I have lots of things to do, apparently.
After a few email conversations, discussing her dreams and the extraordinary feelings and interactions that have been taking place, Jenny began to awaken into her dreams. She began to open up to her hidden gift and was able to understand what she was actually doing in her dreams—working! Because Dr. Gillian Holloway was able to work with me in translating my vivid and intense dreams, I am now
able to lift the veil for other dreamers.

I find myself sitting in the dark on the front landing of my house. I can see in the dark here, it is cold and scary. I stare out the colorful stained-glass window as if I am comatose. I listen to the voices that circle around my head. The voices become too many and too loud and I become irritated. I can’t see anyone speaking around me; I can only hear and feel them. My body shakes in fright. Rocking back and forth, I close my eyes and wish this all to go away.
“Help me.” A whisper blows across my right ear. I turn, opening my eyes. I see a figure standing right next to me. It leans forward towards my face. “I hear you can take me into the light.” I scream.
I wake up.
I found myself sitting in the dark on the steps above the front landing. I stood up quickly and ran up the stairs into my bedroom. I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers over my head. I took a heavy breath trying to still myself. I prayed for daylight.
As a child, my first encounter with a spirit was a frightening experience for me. I was only six years old with no one to talk to about the voices and images appearing when I closed my eyes. As nights continued to come, day in and day out, I eventually found ways to cope with the spirits (ghosts is what we called them as a child) that appeared uninvited in my waking life. I just accepted that they were here to stay, so I coped by closing my eyes, wishing them away, hiding in the shadows of the doorways within the huge farmhouse I grew up in.

Looking back now, I see why these spirits realized I was unable to handle their presence before my waking eyes. I feared them for no reason; they were kind spirits who had no intention of harming me, so instead of scaring me any further, they manifested within my dream world, the realm that felt more like home than my waking life. Alone in waking I would ask them to leave; alone in sleep they appeared with no intention of leaving until I spoke with them. As I grew older, I realized my feeling of loneliness in the presence of other kids was because I was different. My difference from these other children was that I could communicate with the invisible, who always made themselves visible to me. By accepting this to be my truth (even when I begged for it to go away) I started to receive information about the realms, the dimensions, beyond the physical world.
None of this has come easily for me. As I see other adults happily expressing, understanding, and utilizing their gifts, it has taken me many years to comprehend why souls appear requesting my assistance with crossing over into the afterlife. This was something I never was able to understand as a child, even though I accepted that I had some strange ability to speak with spirits. Luckily, over the years, I came to realize that my help appeared from the other side of the veil. (I don’t think I would have been able to cope with any of these spirits without my dream realm to hold my hand.)
I finally recognized the message after it appeared over and over again flashing before my eyes in my dreams, given to me between symbolic messages from my spirit guides. The message took me years to translate, but what I finally gathered from the symbolic images and voices was that my ability to speak with spirits was one of my purposes in this lifetime. This is part of my gift, and this is extraordinary dreaming doing something inconceivable to my complex waking mind.
In this lifetime, my memory and my personality as a child never took hold of the material human experience; I stumbled through the physical human side of my existence, never fully waking up into it. Rather, my mind and my consciousness kept a clasp on where I existed beyond this current human form. Because of this connection and knowledge, it is easy for me to hold the hand of a soul who has just passed away, and to fill their space with love and light, giving them strength to make the journey into the realm beyond the physical.
My personal travels through the astral plane have brought me to numerous paths where I encounter a considerable number of souls who have become energetically attached to their physical, material lives. Several of these souls have not had a chance to accept their death and discern the light far off in the horizon, beyond the physical. Some become lost, in a state of disarray about what has happened to their physical presence. There are many who are aware they are seeking a light to the afterlife but are unable to distinguish it and need guidance to find their way. A few linger between both realms, testing their limits, not ready to move on.
From my experience, souls who are incapable of letting go of their physical lives, or those who need assistance, seek out a beacon of light within any physical being. These can be entities of both light and dark energies. What most people can relate to when referring to a ghost are those spirits who remain in the place they died, or the place to which they were most attached, roaming back and forth in an energetic loop with no conception or plan of moving onward. The spirit is roaming and feeding off
its own emotions during the last days before death, energetically repeating the last moments of their physical memories over and over. Most people encounter these types of spirits and are able to sense and absorb their lower frequency energies of anxiety and fear; this is what frightens the average person.
For me, encountering a spirit can be different when a spirit realizes I know they are present; they sense I may be acknowledging their essence and in turn they accept this as an invitation and will usually attach themselves to me. The spirits that have left tragically, leaving behind remnants of terror, sadness, or anger in their energetic imprints, will utilize their energy in ways that can overwhelm my space—leaving with me a trace of their essence. I have accepted the role as guide to many of these spirits, assisting them to the archway of the afterlife.
Yet, at times, there are souls who take me as the light, confusing my beacon of light as the light of the afterlife. For many years, in these kinds of situations, I found it difficult to assert myself in a way that allowed them clearly to fathom detachment from me. However, through my own exploration within the dream realm and within waking, I found ways to not only cope with spirit attachment, but ways to release the spirit from my energetic field.


Most of the crossing over I help with—the visitations and messages received— happens during my dreamtime. This is the plane in which I am my truest form, and even during my most terrifying nightmares, I am at a high vibrational frequency within this realm. Spirits have come to know I communicate best in my dreams; this is how they seek me out. I experience many days when I am awake and I have this pull to go to sleep. It is an abrupt pull for me, a calling which I have decoded over many years as ‘I am needed in dreamtime’. I am not always available to accept this request, but I have been known to sneak in a cat nap here and there during the middle of the day. When I am able to grab an afternoon nap, the following takes place:
The moment I close my eyes, when I am in this tired trance, I see white light—a path illuminated with white light. My waking mind begins to shut down quickly and my eyes feel at ease. I see a spirit, sometimes two, calling me in for help. I fall quickly into a meditate state and I drift off to sleep.
Recalling every single one of my dreams, or every detail when I awaken, is not necessary for me. What matters are the symbolic images left dangling in my memory, the lingering of the voice translating messages; it is the “knowing”, a sixth sense of the assignment completed. Although I return to my physical presence after these cat naps, or even after a nighttime filled with astral work, I feel like a
different person with infinite abilities. All that surrounds me is slightly altered; I realize again that what feels concrete is only created by my human mind. Spiritually happy, I mentally question why I must live a double life, have dual jobs, work all day in physical form and then work all night in my truest form.

When I question any of this, I stumble down the spiral steps and merge with the darkness of my own thoughts; it is better for me to accept than question. However, some days I find that my shadow lures me below the surface of my thick boundary line where I exist. I am lucky. On days like these, a light will shine through in some way, a guide will appear, a message will arrive, the universe sends a signal, or one of my amazing healer friends will pull me back up and remind me of my soul’s purpose. I will admit the following: some days, life in the waking world feels like a karmic punishment; knowing the vivacity of the other dimensional realms, the physical form seems apocryphal.

Through my research, explorations, and sharing my dream experiences, I have found that I am not alone in my natural abilities to dream, astral travel, and sense the realms beyond our physical world. Because I spoke up, others began to come out of their own shadows and share their dream stories. Jenny, whom I mentioned earlier, was one of the first dreamers to express similar experiences with me. Jenny shared the following series of dreams:

“This is a spirit that came to me three times. My first major dream event that made me think that I was actually doing something with a spirit in a dream. All of the dreams are very vivid and in color.”
I had a man dressed in a dark blue uniform—possibly wearing civil war clothing—come to me in a dream. We met outside on a dirt road. He was angry and held a knife. He made eye contact with me and said “You can see me?” I said, “Yes, I can see you.” I was hit with so much anger and confusion; I knew this man was not alive anymore. I told him, “You are dead and you need to move on.” He argued with me and told me he was NOT dead. I remember being very uncomfortable and I left the man at the road. Nothing was familiar to me in this dream at all.”
“The second dream happened about a week later.”
Again I return to the dirt road that I first saw the man on. He was there and saw me. He came up to me and asked me what was going on. I told him that he was dead and that he needed to go to God, to the light. Hesaid he wasn’t dead, he couldn’t be. I felt such sympathy for this man. He was so confused. I asked him what his name was. He said “John, John Silverton.” He couldn’t have been very old, maybe his twenties. I walked away from him again in this dream.
“The final dream happened about three weeks later. When I first began having these dreams about John, I had some loud knocks in my home, shower curtains falling down in the night, my husband even waking up with me, stating he felt like someone was standing by the bed. I never told him that I did see a shadow man walk through our brand new home earlier that week during the day. By the way, my husband isn’t a big believer in ghosts and metaphysical type events.”
I walked up to an old white farm house. I entered the house and my husband was actually sitting at a table with another man. They were facing one another having a conversation. I looked around the room. I was standing in the kitchen; it was a very old kitchen. The windows were open and curtains were moving from the breeze. I felt someone come up behind me and I turned around. It was John, the man I had been dreaming of prior. He was standing in the living room in the open doorway. He looked different. His eyes weren’t so harsh and he didn’t have the anger that I had noticed before. I told him, “Hello,” and said it was time for him to go, to go to the light. As I was saying this, I saw a golden ball of light appear above his left shoulder. It grew slowly until it was a large gold light like a tunnel for him to go into. I told him not to be scared and that his loved ones were waiting for him. He looked at me and told me thank you. Then the light engulfed him and he was gone. I felt so happy, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Jenny mentioned to me that when she woke up from this last dream she felt like something amazing had happened. Soon after this last dream Jenny realized that the bumps and strange happenings went away within her home—to note, Jenny had recently moved into this newly constructed house. Since these dreams of providing guidance to the spirit John, and awakening to her gift, Jenny has found herself guiding a few more spirits into the light within her dreams.
Opening up to the idea that she is a Night Shift Worker, she has been able to tap into her abilities and visions in waking life. Jenny is naturally intuitive and uses her intuition in her career as a dental assistant. As she awakens fully into her nighttime job, Jenny has expressed interest in beginning her own exploration between both worlds of waking and dreaming. My suggestion to Jenny was to begin reading, go to a book store and find whatever books seemed to “call” to her, look for alternative
healing classes and workshops in her area that would be able to train and enhance her natural abilities for visions and healing.



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