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I find myself sitting on the old rickety bridge on Cannon Beach Road. It is a meditative spot I seek to release the stresses or negativity of life, a peaceful place to clean my spirit. Closing my eyes, I tune out the breathtaking beauty that surrounds me. I open my ears to listen, my nose to smell, my hands to touch.
The panting of the neighbor’s dog I brought with me today slaps a joyful sound of saliva, dripping a puddle onto my hand. Her excitement sparks an energy to the calmness around me. Her footsteps back and forth across the bridge pound against the ice-filled ground as if she is falling through the frozen chill of winter. I imagine she is playing with the ducks; I hear their quacking sounds of chatter. I hear when she’s approaching the water and the pitter patter of her paws is fading away. She pushes her way through some thick brush, and she leaps suddenly. A splash sprays out, and she attacks. The ducks start quacking angrily and splashing in the water. Flapping their wings up to top speed against the air creates pressure chimes as they scurry away. Quiet. The peaceful sound of nothingness lasts only for a moment as nature works up a new voice to sing.

The ocean waves, only a quarter of a mile away, slam against the shore—calmness in the air but mayhem within the ocean. It’s rough out there; the ocean screams out as the breakers move at lightning speed. I hear and imagine the waves building up ten feet high, peaking, and then tumbling into a curl and splashing down with full force, pushing their white wash onto shore. The fresh crisp air is erased when the ocean suddenly blows the rotten smell of some dead sea creature up into the crevice of my nostrils. A second passes and the scent of the fresh salt water returns—crisp clean air is smelled again.
A rumbling sound of a truck is growing near. As it approaches, I dare not let it interrupt my trance. It roars past slowly as I wave with my eyes closed. Turning away from it, I position my body in a different direction. The whiff of gasoline keeps its presence in the air even after the machine passes. Inhaling the smell, I cough, wishing it to vanish. For a moment I feel a warm breeze against my face from what feels like the sun beginning to rise in the sky. But the warmth soon passes and a crisp fresh winter air returns, pushing away the scent of gasoline. The dog jumps up on me with her wet paws dripping water all over my pants. Her fluffy white coat of fur tries to snuggle down into my lap. I lean my face down as I pet her; she licks me, giving me wet kisses. I push her off me, but she fights me to remain half in my lap. I push her again and she tumbles over into the snow bank. I reach out and pick up the snow to clean off my hands and face. I begin to feel chilly and dig my hands deep into my jacket pockets. My attention is drawn to the smooth flapping of a bird passing by up above. The wind quietly blows and that smell appears again, dropping the scent down upon me. I try to push the horrible smell away from me. I decide to reach out and grasp the air, cupping the smell in my hands. Pulling it close to my face, I smell the air in my hands. It smells like nothingness.

I suddenly awaken feeling frightened. Or I think I am awake. I open my eyes into the nighttime darkness of my bedroom. I cannot see anything, not even the clock on my bedside table. I must not be awake, but rather I am awake in my sleep. I look around. I see myself at the bridge, I see the snow. The dog wanders away from me as I watch myself sit with my eyes closed. I begin to wonder if what I see is me awake, or if this darkness is me awake. It feels as if I am drifting in mid-air. Darkness fades. The winter sun is shining brightly. I sit in it, warming myself until I hear the faint sound of the dog barking. It begins to grow louder and louder and I force myself to shift away from my meditative state. I look around and do not see the dog anywhere. I walk over the bridge to the gravel road and stand at the edge of the hill that runs down around next to the creek. Sensing that someone else is there, I take another look around. I step down the hill and notice the dog facing a thick bush that sits near the water’s edge. As I walk closer to the bush and the dog, the rotten smell fills every inch of the air around me. I creep up on the bush, feeling a little insecure at what I might find. Pushing the bush open from the middle, I look down, and then quickly take a step backwards. Startled, I gasp. I am frightened as I stand there in a state of shock. Oh No! This is not happening again—another dead person appearing before my very eyes? But wait—am I dreaming or am I awake right now?
I feel completely paralyzed with fear. I cannot take my eyes off this dead body. Her flowered dress is ripped and her eyes are wide open, as if she is looking back at me. “You saw my darkness. Am I alive or dead?” I hear a voice telepathically speak to me.

I quickly cover my mouth with my hand. “I can’t help you. I must leave now.”
“Take me with you.” I feel a part of her energy reaching out—floating near me.
“No. I must go now,” I say out loud trying to make myself wake up.
The last thing I hear from her is, “Can you please help me get home?” My eyes open wide and I notice the dawn is just arriving.
I woke up out of the dream with a heavy thump. My head was aching, and my body felt as if I had just walked many miles; I was exhausted and I had just slept a good eight hours. My body and mind wanted me to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, to get some restful sleep, but I knew I needed to start my day.  Later that day, after work, I went over to the Cannon Bridge, the area to which my dream had beckoned me. I carefully looked around, walking through some shrubs, feeling the presence of my dream cling to the core of my bones. After about 20 minutes of searching, I wondered if the dream had any relation to an actual dead body lying around here. I stopped searching and walked back up to the bridge. I leaned over the bridge, looking down about ten feet, searching desperately for any physical sign that my dream had been in some way real. I began to reason with myself; how is it that I am able to dream so vividly about the death of a random girl? I took a deep breath in and held it for a moment. I needed to silence myself in order to listen for any messages, or universal signs, that would lead me to some type of guidance in order to create closure for this realistic dream.

Closing my eyes, keeping my breath contained, I waited in the silence as the moment passed until a telepathic thought released itself. “May you find your way to the light; I am here if you need help.” I opened my eyes at the same moment as a bald eagle swiftly flew above me and just as a gust of wind blew past me with a chill. I wrapped my arms around myself, keeping my warmth within me. I gazed up into the sky and watched as the eagle flew into a break within the fluffy white clouds. The blue sky opened up as if opening its door to invite someone into its home. The sun shone down around me, and the rays of light appeared as staircases to eternity, or a realm beyond my physical one. A smile curved my lips as my eyes squinted, taking in the beauty of the sky, the warmth of the sun; something magical happened right then and there. The eerie feeling from my arrival shifted, and I acknowledged the presence that floated above me.

That night I dreamt of the young girl again.

She flew in my energetic field. She smiled, holding out her hand, filling my field with love and light. I nodded with gratitude. “There are all kinds of ways of releasing a spirit from the physical plane into the light.” A voice encircled my thoughts, speaking directly to me. “In such a casual unknowing way, by acknowledging she existed, you freed her from the binds of the demise of her most recent life.” The space around me illuminated with such a grand feeling of white light, as the girl began to flicker, fade out, disappear and become one with the brightness of the alluring light. Darkness quickly set in, and I was pushed back out floating through another realm, and then through this dimension, and finally gliding back down into my body which I saw lying asleep in my bed below me. This time, I did not arrive with a thunk, but rather a soft landing easing my way back into my body carefully. Morning came, and with a gentle embrace something or someone nudged me to wake up.  I opened my eyes and my head felt heavy.  Unable to move my body, I greeted the day slowly. Exhausted, again, but unable to close my eyes to go back to sleep, I retraced the journey through my dream and the airiness of the girl’s silhouette, her spirit, and her high vibration that trickled onto me. I smiled, ready to start my day.

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