Reasons Why the Dead Appear in Your Dreams

i speak in dreams

UPDATE 2.02.2012: I have edited and updated this posting for OMTimes. It is featured in OMTimes online Magazine February 2013, visit:Why the Deceased Show Up In Your Sleep

(There are many different terms when speaking of the dead: ghosts, spirits, spirit walkers, souls, entities to name a few. For sake of having no confusion I will refer to the dead as spirits or souls in this posting.)

I dream often of the newly dead, but I also dream of those who have died long ago and are still earthbound. Over many years I have been given knowledge in my dreams from the dead about both the physical realm, the afterlife, and all the realms in between. From working with clients’ dreams, of all kinds, I have deduced that many people have not fully realized how common it is for the dead to come calling in their dreams. Many people…

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