How Do I Know If I am a Night Shift Worker: Introduction

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How Do I Know I am a Night Shift Worker?

Before you begin your journey through this book, unraveling the hidden meaning behind some of your visitation dreams, I am sure many of you may be wondering, How do I know if I am a Night Shift Worker? Well, to put it simply it is an inner knowing your intuition speaking to you. When experiencing these dreams of departed souls the dreams are extremely vivid even if you do not recall all the details.

These are the dreams in which you find yourself interacting and communicating with others who may seem both alive and dead.
There are several signs that will help awaken you to your job as a Night Shift Worker. As you read through the following you may realize that you have experienced some or all during or after a nightly dream:
Exhaustion when waking from a deep sleep.
You may experience headaches, body aches, and muscle aches upon awakening.
Vivid Dreams
You are able to recall many details and it always feels as if you were physically there in your dream(s).
Afterlife Communication
Visitations from loved ones or unfamiliar and familiar souls both alive and departed.
Encounters with the dead without the feeling of fear (most of the time).
Communications that involved a sense of closure for the departed.
You awake feeling your dream means something more than the standard dream dictionary definitions or symbolic translations.
You experience a knowing that may not be able to be explained but you feel the realness of your encounters upon waking.
During your dreamtime, you find yourself protecting, reassuring, and guiding the departed to some type of illuminated light source (the light source may vary for some dreamers).
Within the dreaming, you find yourself helping and healing others in a positive way. You take on a role that is similar to a guide, healer, teacher, counselor, EMT, or Nurse. Sometimes these roles are carried over into waking and you find yourself placed in similar situations in waking reality.
You may find these types of dreams come in waves depending on what is happening collectively in our society; example: natural disasters, war, tragic happenings.
You may experience an end of the world type dream in which people you encounter seemed lost, confused, and deeply sad, carrying a very low vibration within their energetic space that may feel dark and murky.
You may encounter unearthly beings such as angels, spirit guides, animal guides, mythical creatures, and benign alien beings who offer you assistance, guidance, or protection, when in the realms of interacting with the departed.

The souls you encounter in your dreams may be silhouettes of human spirits who you are calling you to, as you feel yourself being pulled to help the departed transition in whatever way necessary. At other times, it is the departed or souls in need of help that will appear within your energetic field without a moment’s notice. You may find yourself guiding someone to an energetic radiant light, and at that moment, you awaken to your flowing actions and the luminous light. Other times, you are communicating, offering guidance or healing to them in a way that an EMT, nurse, doctor, or psychologist would provide help.  You awaken to the miracles you help create.

Some of you may take note of your surroundings while other dreamers observe them and experience more clarity after waking. As a Night Shift Worker, you notice your surroundings are a perfect image of a location you know exists somewhere on earth; sometimes it’s a familiar dwelling, while other times the area is foreign to your senses. At times, you will find yourself lifting the veil between the realms of waking and sleep in which you are completely lucid, aware of your purpose at that very moment, even if you don’t have a logical answer to why you are doing this in your dream. In your lucid state, you find yourself naturally utilizing all your senses; they are extremely heightened, and everything around you feels mentally and physically real. In this state, you come to a realization that the person, soul, spirit, or being you suddenly encounter is no longer physically alive, but they may walk, talk, feel, and look as if they are. What happens next in your dream varies depending on the need and purpose of the work and departed involved. However, no matter what actions, healing, or guidance taking place, you know that this visitation, this afterlife communication, you are experiencing is happening.

Many mornings, you may notice that it takes you a moment to return to your waking reality, and you have a moment of confusion, as you attempt to figure out if you have just woken up from a dream, or if you were up all night physically working. You tend to feel extremely exhausted and have no explainable reason why you feel as if you were up all night. You begin to recall vivid pieces of your dream and feel in a state of confusion. Sometimes upon waking and moving your physical body, you may experience a pounding headache and or unexplained body aches and sore muscles. You may ask yourself why does my body ache from sleeping? Throughout the day you may find your mind drifting back to your visitation dream(s), the striking images, the darkness or illumination of the dream, and you may often wonder if the dead really do come to us in our dream state. Sometimes after such dreams, when looking back and retracing your encounter with the dead, you may feel as if you were part of something mysterious, something bigger, and something greater than yourself. You wonder if you will dream with such authenticity again.

I would like to point out that Night Shift Workers may have one encounter or purpose to accomplish in their dream realms, or they may have many. I believe it depends on what we are needed for, and by whom, where our individual healing gifts are hidden within each of us, and when they emerge from our awakening. Some departed souls contact a particular loved one to help guide them in their crossing over, or to help heal them from their attachments on the physical plane. Other people find their visitation dreams come in waves and are connected to the collective whole of our society. When tragedy strikes, the Night Shift Worker finds their dreams are filled with helping, healing, and assisting souls from all walks of life. And then there are dreamers who find themselves accompanying the departed within far away realms from three to seven nights a week. Whoever we encounter, whoever you guide or help, there will be times when nothing makes sense in your dreams. You may realize that those who seem so familiar may look nothing like the physical person they remind you of. And at times, you may find yourself observing symbolic images and missed connections that you think you should be able to prevent, unable to pick up psychic visions and signs of those close to you.

Suddenly, you find yourself in the midst of guiding someone you know from one realm to the next. You may not understand why you are doing any of this, or who the person is that you are encountering, but you know in your heart you were meant to provide this service. It is part of your amazing gift to bridge the bigger picture between life and death.

Now are you still wondering, Am I a Night Shift Worker?

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