Intuitive Dream Interpretation Sessions!!

Source: Intuitive Dream Interpretation Sessions

I am still offering Dream Guidance sessions via email for only 25$ per dream or dream series. Click above link for detailed information about my dream interpretation… also learn more about my in-depth Dream Journey Sessions ($150 per session).

Dreamers I have worked with have had great success in diving deeper into understanding their nightly dreams with my guidance. The amount of intuitive information I have provided for these dreamers has been more then they expected.

With each session I not only help guide the dreamer through the complexity of their dream but I also provide dream exercises (as needed per dreamer) and a PDF copy of either my first or second book (depending on their dream they share with me) to help the dreamer further understand the complexity of their dream images and visitations. More information on my dream books here…

Wondering about the meaning of your dream from last night? Did you receive a visitation and the message is to complex for you to decode? Set up a Dream Interpretation session via email Today!

Louis Janmot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Louis Janmot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons