Excerpt from Para-Dreaming: Introduction

What is para-dreaming and how is it different than other dreaming perspectives?  Para-dreaming differs from other dreaming perspectives in that it is a dream experience beyond the physical. In fact, the root word ‘para’ in Latin means ‘beyond’. This is a dream phenomenon that takes the dreamer past the third dimensional realm we are known to exist in during our waking time, to dimensions beyond our conscious capacity. Para-dreaming escorts our dream-self a few steps further; beyond the physical surface of just our imagination and control. Para-dreaming embodies all dreaming perspectives, revealing authentic encounters and experiences beyond what we previously thought as tangible.


Dreaming Intentions
Are You Ready to Discover What Is Really Happening During Your Dreamtime?
Your time spent reading and practicing the dream exercises within this book will help you unravel the mysteries of where you travel during your dreamtime; who you are encountering – guides, spirits, multidimensional beings, and other living people both familiar and unfamiliar to you; and why you dream as if you might actually be living a whole other life while your physical body sleeps. Yes, you may be in two places at once, maybe three or four places all at the same time. We are threads of energy weaving an inter-dimensional web in and out of our pasts, present, and futures.
When we only see the layer of dreaming that represents projections of our self, our desires, and our imagination we miss out on our night time adventures, our travels and encounters that speak to us guiding the way through our journey. Our dreamtime, within the dreaming, embodies many layers guiding each dreamer through timelines of our pasts, present, futures, and parallel lives within the boundless dimensional realms. Dreams are truly the essence of our Souls.

Starting today (yes as soon as you begin reading what I am sharing between these pages) you will begin waking up to your dreams, dreaming more intensely and vivid while beginning to see a little more clearly each night you enter your dreamtime. Once you begin actively dreaming, you begin to wake up to universal signs in waking, you begin to awaken to the dreaming realms. By making the choice to begin seeking out an understanding to your dreams, you initiate the process of diving into the deepest realms and swimming down to the core of your dreams. This prompts the activation of your own inner abilities, allowing you to begin harnessing your intuitive and magical gifts. When you awaken to your dreams, you are able to observe yourself walking the boundary lines of waking and sleep. There is a merge taking place, an overflow, blending between your waking and dreaming lives. You soon find yourself walking along the energetic fields of other dreamers and you are suddenly able to see the dimensional realms you travel through with a little more clarity each night you arrive.
Remember you are not reading this book by accident. When you take the first step to glimpse deeper into your dreams and expand your awareness around your dreamtime, you will find that you have begun the process of unearthing and empowering yourself to bring to the surface your own innate abilities. Seeing (clairvoyance), receiving (clairaudient), and communicating (telepathic) are all abilities that may not have seemed possible in waking but have always been illuminated within your dreams. With all these new observations, you gain influence over your ability to utilize your sixth-sense gifts (aka intuitive super powers) obtaining new insight and guidance for yourself and others to bring back into waking with you. As dreamers tapping into new and hidden parts of yourself and your existence within otherworldly dimensional realms, it can feel exhilarating as if finally something within you has begun to awaken. For some dreamers this step into something familiar yet mysterious may feel slightly uncomfortable, kind of prickly under the skin as if one may be walking forward slowly afraid and curious of what might appear right before their eyes. With continued dreaming practice, belief in your inner voice (that voice that speaks to us in both dreaming and waking), and further dreamtime exploration, you will find that with new transformations and awakenings the transmutation process may feel difficult to adjust to. For most dreamers what emerges from the uncomfortable is like a vibrant sunrise bursting with electrifying colors.

I highly suggest keeping some type of dream journal before, during, and even after reading this book and practicing exercises. It is best to start recognizing any of your dream encounters, images, all emotions, and any other senses you are able to bring back with you as recall upon waking from your dreams. This will help you begin putting the pieces of your dreams together over time as many dreams tell one story. Do not become discouraged if you are unable to recall a whole dream. Parts of a dream like snapshots of images, feelings, smells, snippets of conversations, colors, and any encounters you may experience are just as important as any dream that returns back with you whole. There is no right or wrong ways to record, recall, or keep track of your dreams. Find a way to record your dreams that feels most comfortable for you. Jot down anything you can evoke from your night time travels, it does not matter whether you just return with fragments of recall or if nothing you return with makes sense. What you are able to remember is the most important, as these recollections are the pieces you and your guides allowed yourself to bring back to waking.

I suggest setting a positive intention for yourself as you begin reading this book and practicing the dream exercises.

Before going to bed clear your mind of any worries and monkey chatter from your waking life.

If possible light a candle and ask yourself what you would like to take with you from reading and understanding this book. Blow out the candle at the moment you feel the intention has been set.

Any fear or negative energy surrounding your thoughts while setting the intention will de-materialize as you fill your mind with positive energy and blow out the candle.

You may write this intention down and place it somewhere near your bedside, or in a location that is safe or sacred to you.

Align yourself with this intention and carry it with you into the dreaming while practicing each dream exercises.

During my online dreamshop I always start out by asking the participants to Think About the following: What outcome they want for themselves and what are they hoping to unravel and understand by taking part in the dreamshop?” I feel these same questions are just as important here for you to ask yourself, both as the reader of this book and a dreamer within the dreaming.

I ask those that participate in my online dreamshop to make a conscious effort to notice to their dreams over the first week they begin reading the materials. As you read this I am asking you the same, ask yourself:

Since buying and reading through this book (whether you devoured it all at once or decided to read in sections over a longer period time) are you noticing a difference within your nightly dreams? Do you feel a light shift, or are you experiencing a big shift in evoking your dreams? If so, what are the differences? Think about the feelings, sights, smells, encounters, colors, locations, and sounds that may be appearing or shifting.

All who embark on the journey through these pages are taking a front seat on their own quest to understanding what is really happening during their dreamtime. Just like I express in my dreamshops; 100% of all encounters were meant to take place (yes positive and negative ones alike; and yes I am speaking about pre-destined contracts entwined together with our own free will to make choices), some dream friendships were meant to form, and unsolicited insight from a stranger is meant to make an impact on your dreaming lives. All the participants in my dreamshop have an innate ‘knowing’ that something more is taking place in their dreamtimes. This knowing may be soft and subtle, or bubbling like boiling water rising to the physical surface. Either way, most dreamers I have met just need a little more guidance to enhance their own hidden dreamtime insights. Now it may be time for you too… time to illuminate that dreamy feeling of knowing!

During the dreamshop, participants become more intimate with each other on a soulful level while traveling through the astral level. This dreaming intimacy seeps into their daily waking lives while beginning to help them ‘see’ their existence from both sides of the veil. Although you are reading this book for self-understanding and self-exploration (and not in a group dreamshop setting), some of the dream exercises I have provided for you can be shared and practiced with someone you know who is also interested in dreamtime exploration. Shared dreaming practices are exhilarating, healing, and at times magical as they open many doors to dreamers involved in the shared journey.

By creating the intention to speak your dreams out loud, you invite your dreams to disperse their complexity, rearranging the pieces to create simplicity of understanding, beginning the process of reconnecting with what you have always known.

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