1 hr Dream Talk March 30th 6:30pm PST

Dreamer’s are invited to discuss dreams and discuss Meredith’s dream books – Ask the Author!!!

I am hosting a 1 hr dream talk and I am inviting you (dreamers) to join me. This will take place online Monday March 30th at 6:30pm PST. YOU will have a chance to ask me questions about dreams, my books, para-dreaming, afterlife communication & Dreamworkers. I am inviting a small circle of dreamers for 1 evening only…. limited space so all dreamers have a chance to join in the conversation.

All those general questions you may have about your otherworldly dreams… this evening is the time to ask them.

Have you read my books? Maybe you have questions surrounding what I shared… this Monday evening is the perfect chance to ask me your lingering questions about something you read in one of my books.

What I am also offering to you!!!! For those you who sign up and join the conversation for this free Monday night dream talk I am offering each of you to receive an e-copy of my second book Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles.

And if you purchase my new book Para-Dreaming: An Otherworldly Window into Paranormal Dreaming and sign up and join in the discussion of this Monday March 3oth evening Dream Talk I am offering you also 1 free Dream Interpretation Session (via email)  (worth $25.00).

Interested in joining the discussion on dreams? Just email dreams @ paradreaming.com  And let me know if you purchased my book Para-Dreaming via Kal-Ba Publishing, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble so you can receive your free Dream Session for joining the dream discussion.

When you register for the dream talk via dreams @ paradreaming.com please Add to the subject line of “Monday Dream Talk” and I will send you an invite link on March 23rd.

(There will be no personal dream interpretations on this evening. This is an open discuss about dreaming, dream themes, dream images, my three books, para-dreaming, and afterlife communication/encounters.)

This discussion will take place online through anymeeting.com

Deadline to request an invite is by Sunday March 22nd or when space fills up.