Dreaming of those who have recently died

excerpt from my book DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams

NEWLY DEAD (the Departed)

A couple of years ago, Jenny remembered dreaming about a man. She was walking into a café and there was this man. He was about 45-50 years of age. He was sitting in a booth and he made eye contact with her. He said to her, “You can see me!” She thought that was odd in the dream. So she said to him, “Well, of course I can see you.” He was just so happy that she acknowledged him. He wanted her to sit with him for a few minutes, so she did. He was dressed in grey slacks, had a while long-sleeved dress shirt and a tie with stripes. His name was David. He said he couldn’t find his family. Jenny asked him what was the last thing he remembered. He told her that he was in a hurry one morning to get to work. He was running late. All he remembered was driving fast on a winding two-lane road. Jenny somehow knew that he was killed in a car wreck. She told him this news and she tried to make him understand that he had passed and that he needed to cross over into the white light. Jenny also told him that he would find some of his family if he did that. He thanked her and Jenny suddenly woke up. She never saw him again.


As often as the newly dead appear to many people in waking life, it is possible for people to receive these visitations within their dreams. I believe that we are more prepared and have a better capacity to understand and communicate with the deceased within our dream realms, since our dreams take place both in the Fourth dimension and in a parallel universe that aligns with our waking physical lives.

Many of my visitation encounters happen in my dreams because at a very early age, I was too afraid to communicate with ghosts who visited me in waking life. As a coping mechanism, at the age of six, I retreated inward. The haunting of my childhood house did not seem as scary when I was able to communicate with the ghost—spirit—within my nightly dreams.

I imagine many people grew up similar to me—ghosts were to be feared and you were maybe even considered crazy or imaginative by others when speaking to spirits. But I learned early on to keep my secret and explore the depths of my dreams without anyone knowing. I did speak to the spirits in my dreams. I did help those who had recently passed and were wandering lost between the two realms. I did unravel the meanings of dimensions within the dream world that nobody wanted to speak of, by communicating with spirits who appeared before me in my dreams. As a teenager, young adult, and now as an adult, I voiced these dreams out loud without worrying about judgment—because I began to believe that the truth I seek for my individual Self may lie within those I help.


I found myself standing on top of a dune. Twirling around slowly in a circle, I observed where I had been taken to. The landscape consisted of miles and miles of dunes; it was a bright, warm day. Turning to the south, I noticed some footprints coming towards me. A blonde woman materialized before my eyes; she was crying. A man walked not too far behind her, trying to catch up to her. The woman quickly walked right up to me and held out her hand, “Are you here to help us get out of here?” Tears were flowing out of her eyes, down her cheeks like a waterfall. The man caught up to her and placed his hand on her left shoulder. He raised his eyes directly toward me and looked right into mine. He opened his mouth to speak.

“She won’t listen to me, she won’t stop crying.”

“What is wrong?” I asked as the woman leaned towards me. I reached out to her. The man and I guided the woman to sit down. I noticed a shiny new sparkly diamond on her finger.

“Are we dead?” she asked, wrapping her arms around her stomach.

“I don’t know, are you?” I asked with a nice tone.

“No! We are not dead! This can’t be real. Take us back home!” she cried out loud. I turned to the man for any reassurance to her tears.

“I am sorry, honey, but we are dead.”

“NO! Why did you do this to us? You know what happened?” She looked up at me with her sad blue eyes. “We were shot. I was shot. My husband shot me. I mean, I told him to just kill us both, but I did not think he would do it.”

I was stunned and speechless. For that very moment, I did not have any idea how to handle this situation.

“Can you help save our lives? You must be able to if you can see us.”

“So you killed each other?” I asked, trying to gather more information in order to find a way to help them. The man looked up at me, surprised, and said, “How did you know that?” I shrugged, not knowing how to answer him.

“No, NO! He killed me, and no . . . I did not kill him. Never could I do that. I am not dead. This is just a bad nightmare.” The woman continued to cry. I looked down and noticed the puddle of her tears was growing larger and covering her feet. Quickly, I asked them their names. When they responded, I was only able to hear white noise as an answer, as if their tones were on a different frequency than mine. Then I wondered if maybe I could not hear their response because I was not supposed to know the answer to my question.

“Help us, please!” the woman begged.

“I can only help you go into the light. And it does not feel as if you are ready to find acceptance of your death.”

The woman buried her face in her arms continuing to cry. The man looked at me and asked me what they should do next.

“I guess you have to just wait.”

“But why are you here?” he asked.

“That is a good question. I am not sure why I am here. I mean, someone called me here, or maybe I crossed over into your energetic field. Maybe they thought you would leave your bodies with acceptance, since you both chose to leave the physical world.”

“This does not make sense.” The woman looked up at her husband. I noticed her beautiful glowing white silk dress was soaked with her tears. “Honey, we need to keep moving. We made it this far, and we finally found her, if we keep walking we will encounter someone else.” She stood up.

“I guess that could be true, but I feel you need to find some forgiveness and acceptance of what happened, before anyone else is able to provide you with guidance,” I said.

“Liar!” she yelled, stumbling over. She quickly sat back down on the hot sand. “No! No! I don’t get it, why do I feel this way? I thought we were supposed to feel better.” Her husband bent down and embraced her with a loving hug.

“I feel I had better go now. I am sorry I can’t help, but I must leave you here,” I told them.

“No! No! Please don’t go!” The woman looked up at me and shouted, “Let us come with you! I want to go home!”

Suddenly I began to drift backwards away from them—leaving them behind in the middle of nowhere and with no way out until they were ready to move forward. Their light began to fade out in the distance. I began to fall.

I woke up.

This dream remained within my thoughts off and on for days. The residue of the couple’s imprint found a space to reside in my astral body, bringing their energy back into my physical body. I felt uneasy, with my anxiety heightened, and I was not able to remove them from my thoughts for several days. I decided to search the internet for a couple who recently may have experienced a murder-suicide or double murder, or had died together on their wedding day.

I searched for anything that resembled any part of my dream, a picture of the couple, or a news article on an accidental death. I exhausted myself searching, not knowing how I would be able to find this incident when it could have happened anywhere in the world. I have found that sometimes there is no way of knowing when the departed leave the physical realm; sometimes I have a solid answer and understanding of my Night Shift Dream, while other times I am left with clues and half-finished messages floating off into the wind.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any information that resembled what may have happened to this couple. As days and weeks passed by, after clearing the remaining energetic residue out of my body, mind, and spirit, I began to let go of the couple. I did spend some nights searching for them within my dreams, but I assumed since they did not contact me again, some other Night Shift Worker might have been able to assist them and move them forward into the light.

I will admit I felt a little callous for not taking the time to find a way to help the couple in my dream. It bothered me that I may have come across as indifferent toward them in that particular dream situation. Nevertheless, I did what I instinctually thought I should do in that dream. I did notice an air of low vibrational energy encompassing them; it felt like a low frequency and I assumed my dream self, my soul, did not want to become tangled up with such low energy. I realized after many years of such intense dreams and encounters with others that I have to make these choices for myself.

Looking back on my dreams, at some time in my dreaming life I accepted the fact that I was not able to help everyone I encountered. I realized somehow through my astral travels and encounters with others both alive and departed, there are many of us—Night Shift Workers—travelling in and out of realms and tending to those who are in need of our guidance.

Mark (dreamer’s name is changed) who has shared several of his Night Shift Dreams with me, has kept track of his dreams throughout his lifetime. Although he has not tracked every single dream, he has taken note of the dreams which seem to pertain to his life—who he is and who he has become. The following dream took place for Mark on Wednesday, February 27, 1985:

I dreamed that I was at college, and I was sitting at a table outside, at a professor’s party. A professor, who I believe to be Dr. L, was dictating German to me. It had something to do with a class I was taking. It eventually occurred to me that the man dictating to me was dead. He realized that he had to get back to “heaven.” I said that I knew where the place was, and that I could show him how to get there, but that I would not be able to leave earth.

This dream indicates someone who was transitioning from his physical realm as a professor to his life as a new soul making his way to the afterlife, or heaven as stated in this dream. I believe that this dream’s setting in the college, and the dreamer’s first interaction with the departed were created to give the dreamer a description of the departed’s physical life. It is common for the departed to appear in a dream in the physical setting of their most recent life. By knowing a little about the departed’s physical life, a Night Shift Worker has the tools and ability to interact and give guidance in ways that resonate most with the departed soul.

At times, a dreamer may find the newly departed a little confused or resistant to moving on past their death. They often hold on to imprints of what once was their physical life. By tapping into who they once were, a Night Shift Worker has a better grasp on helping with the transition into the afterlife.