Dreams of light and dark

excerpt from my book Para-Dreaming: An Otherworldly window into Paranormal dreaming


Dreams of Dark to Light

Many of us (but not all) at some point in our lives may find ourselves dabbling in the darker side of life. We test the waters of our own powers after breaking out of the chains of living with our parents and breaking away from the ideas our they taught us, questioning what school forced upon us all while seeking out enhancements to the sixth-sense gifts we are no longer kept from using. There comes a time in each of our lives when we become aware of our supernatural abilities, our magical gifts, and the mystical realms of the dreaming but are not always aware of how to use them. Darkness beckons us with open arms and we tumble down the spiral staircase in search of boundlessness.

Darkness at some point in our lives always seems to have a habit of lurking around the young, with evolving souls, and with those who are seeking into the beyond. When we are searching for answers to our dreamtime questions, when seeking out teachers, mentors, guides, or others with similar abilities we sometimes find ourselves looking in the wrong places. So of course when we are offered guidance (no matter from whom) we may follow the silhouette of the shadow, thinking it is better to learn from someone else than remain alone in our oddities and quest for answers. (Sometimes for people that are tapped into their “gifts” looking for answers their time spent dabbling in the dark side does not last too long—they soon find out that the light is much better than the darkness. However for some others they may remain in the darkness filling themselves with a feeling of power, following their guide into the unknown, yet never truly finding the right energetic empowerment to release them into their true selves.)

I always wondered why as human beings whenever we encounter the unknown we seem to compare it to darkness and negativity. It is not often we stop to place the unknown on a shelf that contains the light or positive energy and higher vibrational entities. Why is that? Why are so many unable to see good from something that is filled with the mystical and mysterious?

Dark is such a broad term that somehow we as a humanity decided to associate with evil; when both dark and evil embody a vast amount of meaning, and they can be defined as opposite. The dark of the night can be peaceful for some people. Without the dark there may not be any illuminating light to shine through. Dark clear nights show us the galaxy we exist in. Finding yourself in a dark place where you cannot see anything in front of you can sometimes be healing for dreamers.

I explore dark dreams as those that appear frightening emotionally, physically, and mentally. I will touch on defining ‘being in the dark’ during dreamtime. Dreams that embody darkness have more to do with the fear we allow to exist internally / externally within us, more than it has to do with evil demons lurking around the corner ready to corrupt us. However, I do not disregard the few dreamers who do experience dreams of malevolent beings and I will share a malevolent type dream below and in the next section on dream guides.

Nightmares and Bad Dreams occur when a dreamer ignores an ‘issue’ and their dream guides need to get their full attention. These types of dreams also appear when emotions, trauma, and negative thoughts seep through into our subconscious from our waking life. Some nightmares are just very bad dreams that involve an issue we are no longer able to hide from; these nightmares embody a nudge for the dreamer to resolve and heal what has long been buried. Other nightmares embody sleep paralysis, night terrors, spirit possession, and encountering evil beings. Although I am not going to delve into sleep paralysis, night terrors, and malevolent beings I will take a moment to review each one for the dreamer.


Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis may happen during that state between waking and dreaming. Whether on the verge of falling asleep or just waking, a dreamer sometimes feels a tingling sensation while a intense sense of dread or terror may wash over the dreamer. Suddenly they realize that they are unable to move their body or use their voice to speak or cry. I have found that in my experience with sleep paralysis I have a heightened state of telepathy in order to communicate with anything thing or anyone around. Most dreamers sense a ‘presence’ that is lurking or watching from the corner of the room. Some dreamers may sense a presence moving through the room, getting closer but never too near, standing beside them, or sitting on top / above them. This presence may be described as malevolent, a spirit, unearthly being, or most commonly referred to as a demon. No matter what or who the presence is, most dreamers are frightened by both the experience and the energies in the room. Some dreamers have expressed that this ‘presence’ has placed pressure on the chest or neck area in which breathing became difficult.

This leads me to the belief of Shadow People appearing during our dreamtime, or actually appearing while moving back into our body from our dreamtime travels. The visit from a shadow person may feel very similar to sleep paralysis – that feeling of panic or difficulty breathing rises when experiencing either. Instead of feeling the pressure nestled on the chest area as one may experience during sleep paralysis, a dreamer may see or sense the presence of a dark silhouette in the room they lay sleeping in. During the return back into the body, dreamers may feel paralysis in parts of their body as they slowly begin to awaken. Once a dreamer recognizes the shadow person, the dreamer hastily awakens with fear, they often awaken screaming, jump out of bed and quickly turn on the light. Some dreamers may feel the need to leave the room completely. No matter what the reaction is to the presence of a shadow person, once a dreamer notices them they seem to vanish into thin air. I personally have experienced this several times, knowing that a shadow is lurking in the corner or near a closet of a room as I sleep. Every time I have awoken and turned on the light the blacken shadow which I knew was present just moments before was suddenly no longer visible like it was to my dreaming eye. However, the lingering energies of the shadow energy remained hovering until I decided to do a cleansing for myself and the room it appeared in.


Night Terrors

When the dreamer is still asleep and their body wakes up within the dream combining the dreamtime reality with the waking reality. This is when sleepwalking occurs and becomes intensely heightened because the dreamer is now acting out a nightmare. Screaming, crying and fighting may occur along with running to escape what is terrifying the dreamer. Night terrors are also ‘frightening to a loved one who may feel helpless when interacting with the dreamer. It is best that they remain out of the way so as not to be mistaken as the ‘being’ who is terrifying them.

When I was 18 years old I lived with a friend who experienced night terrors. I was not informed by anyone that she had night terrors and I shared a room with her. Needless to say it was an alarming situation for me as each night I was awoken and had to hide under the bed to stay out of her way. She was known to pick up knifes and fight back against the presence who was terrifying her. She never remembered any of her nightly encounters upon waking in the morning.

Don’t be afraid of dreams that have meanings in waking that hold a negative or fearful notion. There are a spectrum of positive meanings behind dreams that reveal the beautiful truth to your mysterious images and thought patterns. Next time you have a dream in which waking life relates it to darkness, shift your perspective and view your dream from a positive angle that fits with who you truly represent. The physical plane is not the only existence we live amongst; sometimes an image or feeling is not simply defined by a blanket translation.

Before I end this section and provide you with a few dream practice exercises, I would like to touch on good feeling dreams, those dreams that finally appear as a light in the dark. All dark dreams can turn into light if we alone allow ourselves to remove what ails us. I like to think that when we emerge from darker dreams we are suddenly sprinkled with good feeling dreams.

Dreams where we are receiving all the wonderful goodness of love, light, and joy; of simple pleasures, needs being fulfilled or pieces of hidden hopes appearing to come true.

Dreams where we find we are giving guidance and healing to others essential for their growth and survival.

Dreams when we experience a release of unwanted thoughts, no longer needed emotions, and energies that no longer serve us. There is a freeing feeling when experiencing these releases and we are ready to start new, it is as though we have made lots of room by letting go and getting rid of “stuff”.

Dreams where our wishes are finally being granted.


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