Death in Dreams

The number one reason people find my blog is because they are looking for answers to their death dreams. I speak of death dreams often because the dead appear very often during my dreamtime. For many years of my life I feared these dead, until I realized their is nothing to fear ….. they are looking to either offer guidance or ask for guidance. Yes it is usually that simple. I am not sure any of us will ever have all of the answers to the other sides (I say sides because I have visited many different dimensional realms.) but we are all given a fragment, a whole slice, an angle, many pieces of the answer to (try and) fit together ourselves. I keep going back and forth about writing a book solely on death dreams. I speak about death dreams and visitations in all three of my books already…. plus through several blog postings… but I keep getting emails from dreamers asking for help to understand their death dreams. It makes me wonder… am I missing something?? Or are dreamers missing the simplicity of  their death dreams?

This year has been earth shattering for me yet also absolutely wonderful! I feel at home in nature away from cities, buildings, people, shops, and concrete. Last winter, and up to four months, I experience the most intense death dreams. I understood one layer of them and thought I had it all figured out, but I completely overlooked the visible layer – the layer warning me – the layer with the main message – the layer speaking to me that my life was about to abruptly change if I did not stop and take a real hard look. Funny how we make our dreams more complex then they need to be… I looked only from one perspective and thought I had it figured out only because I refused to see the most visible layer. What I learned was that my death dreams last year were all premonitions to the ending of a relationship, to the ending of my once current life. No one was actually dying – but instead a major visible aspect of me, my life, was about to die.

For months after, once the ship crashed and I was thrown overboard I turned off my remote abilities and told myself I no longer wanted to dream, I no longer want to see. What is the purpose of this gift if I am blinded to my own life?! For many months within the mist of my life change, my move, my new life, only premonition dreams would seep through to my waking memory – stronger then life I would wake up recalling a dream that would come true within days. My intuition and psychic abilities were stronger then ever but only in small doses. I began to take it as a offering from the dream gods apologizing to me for their toiling with me and my own life just months before… while at the same time an offering slowly helping me heal and understand the bigger picture of my gift (which this year I have thought to be a curse also). This all brings me back to…. even though I write about death dreams more often then most people I feel I have covered the main aspects of their meanings, but is there more to these dreams that need to be spoken about?? Am I suppose to write a book solely on all the meanings and layers of death in dreams?? I am not sure if it would be a long book but maybe a much needed book for many dreamers. What do you think? If I do I will have to go through the process of more research and collect as many death dreams as possible for this book from dreamers like you.

I will dream on it.

This week I have had a few death dreams again – one to many for a 7 day period. Which alerts me to look into why. Right now my death dreams are about others loosing a loved one and me helping them, the living, to cope with the lose. A new twist on being a DreamWorker. In the past week I have also received a handful of request from dreamers to help them understand their death dreams. So maybe there is something more to death dreams we all are not understanding. The information is in my three published dream books and on my blog... what more could be said about them?? (that is me talking and asking myself)

One last thought… What I would like people to understand is that interpreting dreams takes time and energy to provide guidance through emotional and mental support — that is why I ask for payment for my service. There needs to be an energy exchange when asking for help. No it does not always have to be money and sometimes it is as simple as a trade or paying if forward but when asking for dream or healing help it is important to make an offering. If you seriously want an answer then the price will be worth it. If for any reason my rate of $25 is to expensive, I am happy to offer a sliding scale between $10-$25 for dream interpretations. For Dream Interpretation Sessions click here.

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