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“We search out experts to explain our experiences and are left with more questions than answers. Perhaps you too have been left with questions?

Our dreams are perhaps one of the biggest mysteries. While science has taken us great strides through many ‘unsolved’ mysteries of the human psyche, there remains much to be learned. Meredith Lugiai has spent the past twenty years researching dreams from various standpoints to include the philosophies of Jung and Freud. Meredith’s discoveries, through her own experiences and those of others, have led her down a road yet to be paved into the wild nature of our dreams. In fact, Meredith is the first researcher to introduce the name of this new concept of dreaming.Para-dreaming.

Crammed full of insightful and interesting theories that will engender much reflection, Para-Dreaming makes a welcome change to the complex and often contrary texts that have dominated the interpretation of dreams over many decades. Undeniably, the influences of Jung and Freud are present, but Lugiai is a far more accessible writer and has the ability to communicate her thoughts, experiences and observations in a way that makes them much easier to dwell upon.

With clear and concise explanations throughout, she leads her reader on a journey of discovery that travels beyond the conscious mind to explore higher dimensions and the influence dreams come to exert on our waking hours. It makes for a fascinating read and is a credit to Lugiai as an inspiring educator willing to go beyond the confines of popular dream psychology. Taking the often incomprehensible dream state and proffering a perspective that adds both spiritual depth and meaning.

There will of course be detractors of her work but for those with an open mind, Para-Dreaming is a treasure to be discovered and receives an enthusiastic recommendation.”

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