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An Otherworldly Window into Paranormal Dreaming…

Para-Dreaming, a paranormal perspective on dreaming. A new road being paved into the wild nature of our dreams.

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What is Para-Dreaming all about…. a look inside my new book:

Dream with a unique perception: Moving past the analytical ideas of dreaming – the idea that all dreams are the projections of different aspects ourselves, mental venting or imaginative creations. Many of our nightly dreams are interactive astral encounters with those we know (living and deceased) and other worldly beings from the 5th to 12th dimensional realms and between and beyond. How does this affect our waking life? Have you ever thought to question your encounters and connections in waking life? What place do the people we love AND hate have in our dreamtime in addition to our past, present, and future soulful lives? If you can recall your dreams, the answers are all hidden in the picturesque settings like a ‘Where’s Waldo’ scene. You will begin to look at these dream encounters, dream travels, and dream messages as they relate to your life (health, love life, family, friends, and work) past, present, and future. Our night time travels have the power to reveal wonderfully good news and surprisingly negative bursts of unwanted energies. It is all about how you identify, receive these messages, and decide to bring the information back into waking.

Dream Incubation, Dream Sharing, Dream Recall, and Identifying Types of Dreams: I discuss an overview of dreaming and different types of dreams. Tips on clearing your energetic field / space to prevent lower vibrational beings from attaching to you in your dreams and bringing their energies back with you into waking. I share dreams with you so you can practice dream interpretation on your own dreams and those of other dreamers.

Meeting Dream Guides: I will explore different types of dream guides; how to identify them, how they relate to you, how to communicate, listen, and receive their messages (using sixth sense abilities), and when to bring certain guides / messages back into waking with you.

Dimensional Realms and Astral Traveling: I will be sharing with you my findings and understandings of astral traveling and the many dimensional realms. I provide you with exercises and tools to learn how to identify where you travel to within your dreams.

Dreamwalking: Awakening to the reality of your dream journeys. Practice exercises on communication, interaction, and healing with others in your dreams, while discovering that these dreamwalking exercises are actually a part of our natural dreamtime behaviors we all experience most nights.