‘Para-Dreaming’ by Meredith Lugiai, Soon to be Released!

The following was posting on Kal-Ba Publishing (written by Lorri Woodsmansee):

Para-Dreaming Book Image

Our dreams are perhaps one of the biggest mysteries.  While science has taken us great strides through many ‘unsolved’ mysteries of the human psyche, there remains much to be learned and considered.

Meredith Lugiai has spent the past twenty years researching dreams from various standpoints to include the philosophies of Jung and Freud.  Meredith’s discoveries, through her own experiences and those of others, have led her down a road yet to be paved into the wild nature of our dreams.  In fact, Meredith is the first researcher to introduce the name of this new concept of dreaming….Para-dreaming.

So what is the definition of ‘para-dreaming’? The root word ‘para’, derived from the Greek language meaning ‘near, alongside, beyond, beside and abnormal’. In other words, para-dreaming is dreaming in the beyond or paranormal dreaming.

Many of us have had dreams that have yet to be explained through the mainstream concept of dreaming.  We search out experts to explain our experiences and are left with more questions than answers.  Perhaps you too have been left with questions.  Questions like:

Why do I experience meeting beings that appear to be very real and convey concepts yet undiscovered?

How can I explain dreaming about an event before it actually happens?

Why do I dream about people that I’ve never met who still seem familiar to me in my dream?

I’ve heard our souls travel when we are dreaming, but where are they going and what are they doing?

These questions are only a sample of the questions Meredith answers in her upcoming book, Para-Dreaming:  An otherworldly Window into Paranormal Dreaming. 

In her previous book: DreamWorkers Behind the Veil:  Nightshift Dreams, Meredith provides a glimpse into the other dimensions our souls travel within while our bodies sleep.  Through her research she has made discoveries of what our souls are up to and why.

If you’ve asked any of the questions above then Para-Dreaming is what you’ve been searching for.  You can pre-order the book through Kal-Ba publishing at a discount of 15% off the release price of $16.99.  Simply use the pre-order form below and get the book for $14.44 with free shipping.  


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