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DreamWorkers_MeredithSmithDreamWorker Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams is Dream Intuitive Meredith Smith’s first book. She shares with readers stories of dreamers who aid both the departed and the living within the dreaming. Meredith as a vivid dreamer herself and discovers how she, along with an abundance of other dreamers, work in their dreamtime with the departed — fulfilling a purpose to assist souls in many different ways, such as: helping transition the deceased from the physical and into the afterlife.


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Two amazing dream books that take the reader on an otherworldly journey through understanding what is happening within their dreamtime.

Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles guides the dreamer through understanding how to listen to the messages brought to them within their nightly dreams. This is not a dream dictionary. These pages hold within them a type of bed side companion on exploring the common, and not so common, dream images that provide us with insight into our special dream dialogue. Each dream is personal to the dreamer and each image holds a general overview that can escort them towards the translation of the dream and what it means to the dreamer. Meredith invites you to summon the dream oracle and enter into a divine world of dreaming.