Giving Your Dream Away

Many dreams are gifts, and all dreams should be gently handled by the dreamer. ~Meredith

Often we forget how much energy a dream holds. Many of us awake from a night of dream traveling, bringing back with us a whole dream or two, or fragments of images and feelings from one or more dreams. All dreams, whether whole or in pieces, are profound for the dreamer. Many times we awake with a burst of feeling – whether happy or in despair – wanting desperately to share the dream with someone else – anyone who will listen; or digging through the great oracle, the internet, for answers; or finding a dream interpreter who can decode the secret language of our soul. At times during our joyful or desperate desire to want to hear the message our dream is speaking; to translate the dream language, to the seek out answers and truth….. or to find comfort and reassurance that the dream may just be a dream …. we often tend to give our dream away to anyone who will listen, who will take it, or translate it for us — even if it means they may give us mis-information — we somehow allow and trust in the fact that we are incapable of understanding the dream our self.

What we often forget is when we choose to give our dream away, when we carelessly speak it out loud to anyone who will listen, when we give it to someone else without asking permission or making an offering to the listener / guide, we, as the dreamer, are giving all the energy tied up in the dream — our emotions, our thoughts, and an important piece of our self — carelessly to this other person. When we give the dream away like this, without thinking about the impact we place on the listener — who may be our friend, a stranger, or a loved one who will listen — without asking for permission first we end up placing upon the listener all the positive & negative energy from the dream in their energetic field.

When we give our dream away and place it on someone else (emailing, texting, spoken out loud) we somehow create a cord of dream energy to the listener passing through the energetic cord our unresolved problems, fear, love, happiness, or any type of energy that embodies the dream. What many do not realize is that the listener – the one you gave your dream to — without realizing begins to take on that energy from the dream. This has the ability to affects some listeners in lower energetic vibrational ways. What then happens is… many listeners end up carrying the dream energy with them around for a few hours, days, or weeks — weighing heavy or light on them affects their moods in altered ways.

This is a two-way cord – the listener who never gave you permission to listen to your dream may be careless with your dream, offering advice or insight from a place that is more harmful than helpful; or even using it to their advantage and feeding off the energy that the dream provided for the actual dreamer. Now by no means am I saying don’t trust your loved ones with your dreams – you should know already if you can trust them and if they will provide the lending ear and insight that you need. What I am expressing here is that we all, as dreamers, need to be just as gentle to our dream as the person we choose to listen to our dream.

Handling our own dream with care is by being respectful to the person we would like to listen to our dream.

Ask first: Ask permission from the listener if they would be willing to listen to your dream. Whether the listener is a professional dream interpreter, a friend, a loved one, or a stranger Always ask before sharing your dream. And don’t be offended if the listener says no thank you – trust then that they were just not the right person to explore your dream with you.

Energy Exchange: Always be willing to offer an exchange of energy once asking permission to the person you choose as your listener. For most Dream interpreters the energy exchange is money – yes those green bills and gold, silver, and bronze coins are a form of energy. (It is one aspect of energy we all need to survive right now in this society we have created and all have taken part in this culture.) Some dream translators / intuitives may charge more than others, but don’t judge them on it. It has nothing to do with greed but more time involved or the means and value of time which they are able to set their rates higher or lower.

Other offerings can be an exchange in services: Trade with the listener in a way that is equal and acceptable to both of you…. trade services, or take your friend or loved one out for lunch or a drink. Whatever you are able to do just remember your offering should be from a positive place and equal to the time the listener puts into your dream. Your dream is worth it right?? Your dream is a gift and worth the energy exchange for it to be tended to properly. Your dream is a fragment of your whole bring, so it should be worth a lot more time and energy then we sometimes allow it to be. 

Always Thank the Listener: This is just common courtesy all humans beings should abide by. (I am always surprised when I say thank you to someone and they are absolutely shocked that I was kind enough to thank them for something they did or shared with me.) By thanking the listener you are thanking them for their time spending in holding the space so you can share your dream with them, and any tending to your dream that they do for you. You don’t have to agree with any insight or translation the listener (or dream interpreter) provided – as you should always take what resonates with you in a translation and disregard what does not – but you should always thank the listener for their time. And in turn they, the listener, should always thank you for sharing the dream with them. Because remember, our dreams are gifts and the listener should special that we, the dreamer, choose them to share our dream with.

Putting Closure on Your Dream Share – Ask for your dream back: The listener should never leave the conversation with your dream UNLESS there is some agreement that the listener will spend some time tending to your dream. But even if that agreement takes place, at the end of tending to your dream they should always give your dream back. Your dream should never be for the listener to keep over a long period of time. Your dream is your dream and no matter who helps you, no matter who provides you with wonderful or horrible insight, you are the keeper of your dream(s) – protecting it, tending to it is your responsibility. By sharing a dream and asking for it back you are able to prevent giving your dream away or the energy that embodies it. That energy represents an aspect of your body, mind, and soul. You do not have to say “Can I have my dream back?” (unless you want to say it like that)… as it is more with the action of putting closure on the dream share and moving forward alone through he process of your dream, or putting the dream away if there is no further exploration you can do with it.

Giving away your dream(s) with a proper gift of an energy exchange and return is a vital part to understanding and tending to your dream(s).

I personally ask for $25.00 per dream  (or dream series as sometimes one whole dream comes in pieces over several nights or weeks) for a Dream Translation Session. This is the energy exchange I find acceptable when tending to your dream. It may feel like a lot of money to you, however, I have years of studying, training, and understanding intuitive ways to interpreted your dream – and I am giving you my valuable time and energy during the process. I spend the time providing you with helpful insight and exploration into all aspects and layers a dream may come with. I always offer the dreamer an open line of communication with me via email, to delve further into feelings, images, smells, conversations, people, and visitations etc.. within each dream. Many are happily surprised with what I help reveal from their dream(s)… even those dreams that feel negative and scary.

I provide an abundance of free dreaming information here on my blog — from a kaleidoscope of perspectives.. but mostly from my  para-dreaming  perspective. If you spend the time reading my different post or using the dream image search bar (by typing in a feeling, color, images, or dreaming topic / type) you may find what you are seeking. This is possible by the time I spent tending to dreams and putting my findings here on my blog to help guide you to understand and find a meaning to your dream(s).  

This leads me to the following…..I am asking you from a kind and gentle place, please do not just email me your dream without asking permission first and making the suggested offering / energy exchange. I am not able to tend to any dream that is just  sent, given, or thrown at me without the right steps for us both to tend to your dream. Please respect your dream and my time / energy…. as I have always given you, the dreamer, the same respect. I wish I could just offer free dream interpretations but I have a family to support, and a gift to tend to so it flourishes, and because of this there needs to be an energy exchange when asking me to translate your dream. I appreciate all of you who want my help to tend and translate your dream, but I am unable to help every dreamer who contacts me by email without the proper energy exchange.

When someone shares a dream they are offering you to read the dream, listen, and help tend to the dream. When we respond to a dream the dreamer has allowed us to speak from our inner voice and tend to their dream in a comfortable and sacred space. When we are done discussing a dream we give the dream back to the dreamer, as it is not ours to keep…. it is not ours to absorb the energy of emotions or bring the energy back home with us. The dreamer owns the dream, once shared we return it back to its rightful home, the dreamer. ~Meredith …. from the Dreamshop “What Is Really Happening During Your Dreamtime?” ©

There is a real importance to understanding this further so we honor everyone’s dream, allowing permission on each dream, setting up boundaries, and being able to tell someone yes or no when it comes to accepting and tending to someone else’s dream.

Thank you all for sharing your dreams with me.

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