October Group Dreamshop

Greetings Dreamers! I have been offline most of the summer cultivating a couple new dream books. One will be coming out this Fall 2013: eBook ‘Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!! And my next dream book – based on otherworldly dreams and dream guides – will be out later in winter / early spring 2014…. so stay tuned in to what will be happening next! 

It’s just a few weeks away … the October Dreamshop ‘What Is Really Happening During Your Dreamtime?’ begins! I have been told that this dreamshop is awesothenticawesome and authentic!

I hope some of you will be able to join a small gathering of dreamers exploring the realms of our other-worldly selves… and all the incredible encounters that we experience (really experience as an alternate reality) during our dreamtime travels. This Dreamshop is filled with LOTS of dreaming information you may not be able to find anywhere else.

What Is Really Happening Within Your Dreamtime?’

An intensive 4 week online Group Dreamshop starting October 1st, 2013


Limited space available. Registration Deadline is Sept. 23rd, 2013

Join Dream Intuitive Meredith Smith, Author of DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams, as she guides dreamers through What is really happening during their dreamtime? This dreamshop is an intensive 4 week online dreaming experience, designed to provide an other worldly journey into your dreamtime travels. Through self & group exercises and online discussions participants will experience an enriching and deep exploration of their dreamtime as we probe together into dream walking, night shift dreams, the dimensions / realms, astral traveling,  and dream guide encounters.

Participants will begin to see dreams as their other home, view in a kaleidoscope approach to understanding dreams, while highlighting meaningful perspectives, and shedding light on where we go and what we do when our body lays down to sleep. Participants will be given reliable, safe, empowering tools for deciphering their own dream imagery and encounters.

Learn more about this group dreamshop and all the features and benefits!

Pre-materials are sent out  a week before the dreamshop begins and once registration and payment is made in full.

First week materials will be emailed out on Sunday September 29th.

Week group discussion are online every Tuesday in October from 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST.

Weekly materials send out every Sunday for 4 weeks.

There will be a follow up group session on Tuesday, November 19th (a few weeks after our last group dream discussion) from 5:30p to 7:30p. This follow up dream session is for the October group to gather, share, ask any dream questions, and talk about how their dreams may have shifted since attending the dreamshop.

Besides gaining a valuable insight to what is really happening within your dreams, participants will receive a free copy of my new eBook (coming out this Fall 2013) Dream Images Brought to Voice: 13 Dream Oracles. Along with an open invite to an ongoing (free) monthly dream circle with other participants from my past dreamshops.

For more information on this upcoming group Dreamshop please click here. 

Register for this dreamshop via PayPal – Please provide contact name & email with payment. Confirmation and informational material packet will be sent to you once payment is received.

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