Mythical Creatures: Fairies & Elves

Mythical Creatures have fascinated us for centuries — many believing in the reality of their existence, while others only see these magical creatures as fiction created from the realms of some child’s imagination. Mythical Creatures come in many different forms and identifying them is not always easy. For the most part mythical creatures come from the far away past and we as humans have spent countless centuries bringing them into our present, unraveling the true meaning of their existence.  What we may not always realize for ourselves is that Mythical Creatures serve as our guides —  for positive and negative lessons & in waking and dreaming — in order to help us survive our present waking reality so we gain the capabilities to journey into our future. What many may not know … all Mythical Creatures hold within them the book of all knowledge past and present; we just have to ask theses mystical Mythical Creatures the right questions to receive the knowledge and information we are seeking.

Today I would like to share the Fairy and Elf card Starr Weems created…. Starr’s art work is amazing and has illuminated the vibrant colors of one aspect of my dream world I encounter each night. Starr is the artist and I am the dream oracle, together we are manifesting the mystical spectrum of dream energy within this set of cards.

Dream Oracle Card: Fairies and Elves

Elves & Fairies come from their own dimensional realm. (Unfortunately I have not identified where the realm resides amongst the many dimensions.) Although I am not personally connected to fairies & elves many dreamers and children are. What I do know is that they are here to tend to the earth, forests, flowers, land — the environment as a whole. Elves, fairies, and gnomes are known to exist here on earth within a parallel universe that resides between our physical 3rd dimension and their mystical realm. Go out into your yard, spend some time in a garden or take a walk through a forest and take a look beside you. If you ask to see them, then look beyond the physical… and listen with higher frequencies, lean in real close and if they wish to appear before you, you may be lucky enough to lay eyes on an elf or fairy fluttering all around.

  • If you encounter Elves or Fairies in your dreamtime it may be suggesting that you need to take part in healing the Earth within nature and within the hearts of the human race.
  • It is also possible that if an Elf or Fairy appears they are bringing you a message.. “Your intellect is interfering with your imagination.” You are looking at something within waking without looking deep enough to see clearly.
  • For some dreamers the Elves or fairies  are part of your soul group –an inner dimensional ancestry line of lives past. If this is the case then when they appear before you in dreamtime they are reminding you who you are and why you came into this present lifetime as a human being. Listen and receive their guidance.