Dream Oracle: Windows & Mirrors – OMTimes Magazine

I was out of town when this was published in OMTimes Magazine, and just realized today my dream oracle was published on April 27th, 2013. Yay! I guess I never came out of vacation mode since I returned …. been more in sleepy dreamy realm, not really awake… and not moving through waking reality focusing on writing….. that feeling of “oh shit I need to get back into a routine of reality” .. has yet to return. But Yay! Glad this oracle made it in the end of April edition!!

Mirrors are the reflection of all aspects of our Self, within the physical and as a soul, in both waking and dreaming. Standing in front of a mirror peering into it may reflect your musing and seeking within. However, mirrors represent not only a mirroring of our physical and inner self, but they also reflect our concerns on how others may observe us. When looking into the mirror are you revealing your true nature or are you trying to get a glimpse of how others perceive you? …….. To Read more of this oracle published in OMTimes Magazine April 2013 C edition visit: http://editions.omtimes.com/magazine/2013-04-b/files/78.html

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