Develop Your Communication with Spirits

Many people have different methods on how they communicate with the spirit world. I have found that the more senses you involve, the better the intuitive connection and the more open your entire energy field can be to receiving messages, visuals, or energetic imprints. Everyone has the gift of spirit communication but it may not appear if you do not allow it to. Inner connection to the spirits, guides, angels, and deceased loved ones requires time set aside to practice a few times a week. You may find it will take awhile to tap into your own abilities and gifts for spirit communication….. have patience and don’t give up…. remember your guides, angels, and many spirits are always with you even if you are unable to see or hear them. Find different ways of practice and using your sixth sense abilities and utilize what resonates best with who you are.

  • Set your intention to work with your spirit guides (or a multi-dimensional being), to work with the energetic light that exists beyond the physical.
  • Embrace while having the willingness to accept what comes to open the line of communication.
  • Remove your lower vibrational mental thoughts and ego from this process.
  • Get to know your own vibrational field and astral bodies so you can understand why you attract certain spirits to you.

Once you have set your intention and are ready to find YOUR way in communicating with the spirit world begin with the following simple techniques:

  1. Create a space for you to relax in, sit in, and meditate.
  2. Begin to breathe slowly.
  3. Mentally release away your day and fall into your breathing as your whole body begins to relax from your toes up to your head.
  4. Close your eyes and begin to imagine a white light swirling around you.
  5. Imagine your energetic spirit sitting in the middle of this beautiful swirling white light.
  6. Which as your energetic field begins to illuminate within you and around you. Feel as your vibration lift high.
  7. Continue to breathe slowly and feel as your crown, heart, and third eye charka begin to open up, accept, and radiant light.
  8. Embody and embrace your high vibrational energy.
  9. Begin to move with your vibrant light and find a safe peaceful spot in which you would like to meet your spirit guides. (Example; a garden, in a forest, at the ocean etc..) Move to this peaceful area.
  10. Invite your spirit guide(s), your spiritual teacher, a multi-dimensional being, or invite the spirit you would like to make contact with (example; de- ceased loved one) into this HIGH vibrational area. Invite only those spirits that are at an equally high vibrational frequency or who are enlightened.
  11. As you wait think about your intention you set. Remember to remain present with all your senses (visual, hearing, smell, and feeling). Relax into your radiant energy and light, wait in peace, and remain patient. You should be able to sit and wait without any frustration or worry’s because you are in a beautiful spot at a high vibration. Time and space do not exist here, you are whole.
  12. As you wait here you will begin to feel, hear or see a presence, it may not be a strong sense, but you will feel something. Sit with the feeling (or visual, smell, or sounds) move through the main sense that has embodied you. Ask yourself; how does this energy feel? What does it feel like? What is it you see or hear? Is there a color or colors associated with the energy / spirit you are sensing? Embrace the presence as you continue to radiant internal and externally energy of love and light.
  13. Any lower vibrational thought that pops into your mind or if your ego begins to take over you may be pulled out of your high vibrational space. For some people this takes much more practice to move pass the ego and accept what you see, feel, and hear with your intuition.
  14. What do you hear? What do you see? Are there any words or messages you are perceiving?
  15. When you feel (or receive a knowing) that it is time to move back to the physical plane, always thank the spirit(s) before beginning your journey back to the physical. Remember to move back on the same path you arrived from.
  16. While moving back down to your physical body allow your astral bodies to breathe out all energies to clear all ties that may have been created through your communication with the spirit (or multi-dimensional being).
  17. Upon returning to your physical body allow yourself to remain still for a few moments to re-adjust returning back to the third dimensional walking realm. Slowly open your eyes and breathe in your surroundings thanking again for the journey to communicate with a spirit.
  18. Write down your experience or talk it through with someone. Each time you practice this something new will arise for you.

The beauty of the above is you can use this in waking during meditation, during a Reiki session, or within your dreamtime. Please take the above practice with common sense and kindness to yourself. There are many ways to communicate with spirits and you should always find what you feel most comfortable with. Do you research and reading. And try never to allow lower vibrational spirits or beings to return back with you or attach to your energetic field / astral bodies.

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