Dreams & Intuition ~ Interview with Author Gillian Holloway

A couple of months ago I contacted one of my favorite dreamers Gillian Holloway and asked her if she would answer some questions for an article I was going to write about Dreams & Intuition. She graciously agreed. Life and other projects got in the way and I have yet to finish the article I am writing.  However, I wanted to post the whole interview here on my blog before it becomes pulled apart into research for my article. Dr. Gillian Holloway is an expert and fantastic Dream Researcher, Author, Teacher, and Psychologist. In my opinion she is one of the best of the best. I just want to take a moment and thank her for being a straight shooter and wonderful mentor turned friend over the past few years. She is a unique and brilliant soul. Thank You Gillian!

How did you first become involved with dreams?

On a personal level, I had a precognitive dream as a child that threw back the curtain a bit, causing me to believe forever after that dreams have a validity, a weight and a reality. As an adult, I studied and worked with dreams in graduate school while studying psychology. After school, in an effort to build community, I began teaching dreamwork classes at night. The classes took on a life of their own.

Where did the idea to create your The Complete Dream Series Books come from?

I wanted to take a more phenomenological approach to dream conversations – to look at large groups of dreams, and to explore broad questions that real people have. Not so much academic theories, or therapeutic models, but what are we dreaming and what parts of them do we care about? It was the publisher’s belief that there was a series there, but it has been the outpouring of dreams and people’s willingness to explore them, that has made the conversation worthwhile.

Can you explain what intuition is?

That’s a big question. My suspicion is that intuition is our ability to recognize information without any strings attached. We can get it from all sort of sources, from memory, to creativity, from pattern recognition to spiritual inspiration – but the ability to simply grasp it, whole, without needing or wanting to get it accredited by a pedigree – that is intuition. It is our saving grace, in my opinion.

What we refer to as our own inner voice, is that intuition? 

Intuition certainly connects us with information through “hearing” internally and externally. I do think some people are more “auditory” in their reception than others – and that knowing your “style” of recognizing truth is important.

Why it is important for us to listen to this inner voice?

When we “hear” something that is true, this usually happens because the information is of imperative importance. From the larger view, this forces us to slow down, pay attention to our inner life, trust what we know to be true, and trust our version of events, our reality. All of these things are liberating, empowering, centering and growth-producing. The results of tracking and attending to intuitive signals is far greater than just the product of the information heard, it creates a more fertile life, a more honest one, and a more courageous one.

How does intuition reveal itself within our dreamtime?

Often dreams illustrate the over-arching truth of a situation without the fluff of logic, the arguments and doubts we indulge in during our attempts at thought. Dreams cut to the bottom line and then reveal that we are larger and more loveable than we had previously imagined. It is a tremendous relief, once you glimpse the truth of your dreams.

What are the signs (we should be aware of) to know / understand when our own intuition is speaking through us?

Rather than memorize signs and meanings, I believe it is a better practice to simply come back to a place of honesty and recognition. It is the difference between staggering through life with an encyclopedia, or simply carrying a tuning fork. As long as you stick close to what you already know to be true, you can use it as a gauge against which to measure all other things, subjectively. Just put your hand on your belly, or your heart, and say: “What do I know to be true here?” You will, at the very least, get to a spot where you can name a certain baseline truth and from there, you will be far less likely to get hoodwinked or to be silly.

Are premonitions, in both waking and dreaming, intertwined with our intuition? Are they one in the same, meaning.. is it our intuition speaking to us through premonitions?

I agree with the theorists who suspect that our premonitions are a way in which we “remember” the future. Fortunately, it is a probable future, and can often be altered or shifted. Yes, again, our intuition, that capacity for grasping truth whole and plucking it out from the background is the ability we use. A certain neutrality is valuable with this, since we inevitably wish to avoid loss and to contrive to find pleasure, control or gain. This is why I can see your future and you can see mine, but we have more trouble seeing our own!

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