Are You Ready to Awaken to Your Dreamtime?

The nextWhat is Really Happening during Your Dreamtime?’ online Workshop starts on June 2nd 2013!

Do you know what your dreaming Superpowers are?

Join me as I facilitate a circle of dreamers as we astral travel through our dreamtime dimensional realms. Learn how to identify and interact with your Dream Guides and other DreamWorkers. Understand how to view dreams from a kaleidoscope of perspectives your intuition illuminates for you. Gain confidence to trust and listen to your dreams as they speak to and through you. Explore the art of DreamWalking, while experiencing shared dreaming exercises with other dreamers.

This workshop will also briefly cover the different types of dreams, how to recall your dreams, and the significance of incubating certain dreams, intentions, and dream messages.

Still not sure if this dreamtime workshop is right for you? Here are what a few participants from the March 20133 workshop have said:

“I highly recommend Meredith’s Online Dreamtime Workshop. Meredith is not only a great facilitator but she provides a well thought out course that has the flexibility to take you where ever your dreams may lead you.” ~Mark

“You are so awesomthentic!” ~A

“In this workshop, I was given the space to find the voice in which my dreams are speaking to me, and I had tremendous growth with dream recall and connection.  I am so glad I took this course.” ~Nissa

This is not a one size fits all dreaming workshop! During our four weeks in June, you will begin to unravel the meaning behind why you dream the way YOU do. Each week, within our dreamtime circle, you will be invited to share your dreams and insights; while exploring your whimsical and extraordinary images, feelings, locations along with those people, spirits, and multi-dimensional beings you encounter each night.

Why do we visit the places we find ourselves going to? Is there a similarity to our locations and what each dimension has to offer us?

Why limited yourself to the confines of the imagination of your mind?! This workshop will guide you in allowing yourself to free from your body and see clearly where you go each night when your physical body lays down to rest. All while taking notice and utilizing your amazing Superpowers! Superpowers?! Yes! We each have brilliant sixth sense abilities & gifts that are enhanced within our dreamtime. This workshop will help you highlight and develop what yours are.

Now are you wondering,‘What is Really Happening during My Dreamtime?Register for June’s workshop and I will help guide you in understanding where you really traveled to and who you spoke with last night.

Depending on the time zone of the participants, and how many people register, I will be willing to offer a Saturday morning (PST) along with the Wednesday evening (PST) weekly dream circle discussion to accommodate everyone.

There is limited space, as I only offer this workshop to up to 8 participants at a time.

This online workshop is only $225.00 per person via PayPal.

This was a June 2013 online event.

    All payments must be made by May 30th, 2013 via PayPal.