Dream Speak with Soul Revolution Radio

This Wednesday April 17th, 2013 at 10:00am PST ….. I am returning to Soul Revolution Radio. Yes I have been invited back ~ Three times a charm! I always have a fantastic discussion with the host of Soul Revolution Radio, Lorri Woodmansee, CHT. For more information on Lorri, click here.

Lorri asked me to share a dream oracle again… we will see what appears for me over the next few nights to offer this Wednesday on the show. I do plan on providing dream interpretations to listeners who would like to share a dream that needs some guidance and interpretation.


What else will I be sharing with Lorri and her listeners? On Wednesday I plan on exploring how we all need to understand different perspectives on dream translations when experiencing dreams of lovers and soul mates appearing.

There is no wrong way to interpret your dream… sometimes we just need a little help to view from and through a different angle then we are normally used to, in order to resonate with a meaning to our dreams.

And of course… my favorite dreamtime explorations will be touched on night shift dreams, DreamWorkers, visitations, and the multidimensional beings that appear before us as our guides. Intrigued? Tune in this Wednesday at 10am PST!


Tune in to hear an overview of my upcoming events, online dreamtime workshops, and other happenings in 2013. If you miss the live airing you will have the option to download the show after it airs.