An Invitation from Your Dreamtime

It is time for you to open those doors and windows that have remained shut for too long. It is time to shed any fear of the unknown. Now is the moment to invite yourself to cross the threshold into the many dimensions that can be reached during your dreamtime. Reveal to yourself what awaits you. Unravel the binds that contain you. Do not allow yourself to be restricted to one dreaming perspective – playing with the kaleidoscope reflects an amazing spectrum of translations that are hidden in the layers of your dreams.

And always keep in mind: what you set forth to explore, to heal, who you interact with, or when you begin to embrace your desire to achieve an outcome, anytime during your dreamtime, will always return back with you to waking through thoughts, feelings, images, or smells (any senses and all abilities) you are most comfortable with receiving.



DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams

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