DreamWorkers Dream~walking

Have you ever experienced dreams in which you find (or feel) yourself moving through your dreams and happen upon the dream (energy frequency / space) of someone else familiar or unfamiliar to you? You awake and think to yourself: that was not my dream…. And that first thought upon waking is knowing that you somehow found your way into a dream of someone else…. you were DreamWalking.

One aspect of DreamWalking is finding yourself moving through (or past) a dream belonging to someone else. Dreamers may stop in the dream, if they were called to that particular dreamer and asked to remain. Or dreamers may find themselves swiftly moving past a dream, unintentionally happening upon a dream of another dreamer.

DreamWorkers are known to dreamwalk and appear within or close by a dream belonging to another dreamer. DreamWorkers are not always called to guide an earthbound spirit, deceased loved one, or roaming soul. Many times DreamWorkers are traveling through dimensional realms and may come across either the living or the dead that are in need of assistance but may not be awakened themselves to realize (as of yet) their need for a DreamWorker to help them. Through the natural act of dreamwalking, DreamWorkers may find that part of their night shift work is to awaken those dreamers with a gentle hand.

DreamWalking is something we all naturally have the ability to perform each night within our dreamtime. If you would like to develop your dreamwalking super power…too observe yourself and bring the experience back into waking with you…. then intentional practice is the essential way to improve recall. With knowing, intention, and practice dreamers can begin to clearly ‘view’ their dreamwalking from both sides of the veil.


Please remember that with all DreamWalking comes great responsibility and respect for the dimensional realms and dreams of others you come across. I suggest never to put forth the act of dreamwalking with negative intentions…. to dreamwalk, moving past the dreams of others please always infuse yourself with positive thoughts, actions, and intentions. To learn more about DreamWalking register for my online workshop in June 2013 or register for my 2 day workshop at the Awake and Empower Expo in October 2013

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