Werewolf as a Dream Guide

Artist Starr Weems and I are creating Dream Oracle Cards together. I thought I would share one today, as I do love this Werewolf Card she painted for our set.

Really?! Werewolf appearing in our dreams can represent a dreamtime guide for us? You may be wondering if I am kidding… but if you know my dreaming blog you know that I will discuss what many deem as impossible and cultivate them into amazing possibilities. Dreaming is limited-less and so those who shape shift, appear, and morph within our dreams also contain no bounds in their magic.


So next you may be wondering…. Do people really dream of werewolves?! Why yes they do! How scary! Well… no not frightening at all! Yes… well they can manifest as terrifying but only if you produce the fear to give them the power to be scary… or you just watched a handful of scary werewolf movies and that sense of fear has seeped into your dreams. In actuality… or in dreamtime actuality… Werewolves have amazing astral super powers of shape shifting just to get YOUR (the dreamer) attention. By no means do they mean to terrify you but rather they want you to take a deeper look into your own inner power and abilities that you have been ignoring for too long.

It is quite possible to encounter a Werewolf as a Dream Guide. What may a Werewolf represent within your dreamtime…. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Someone is trying to steal something from you…. whether it is your positive light, energy, an aspect of who you are, or a personal item – a werewolf appearing translates as a guide to protect what is rightfully yours.
  • You may be part of a larger pack that you are unaware of or became lost from long ago. The Werewolf is calling on you to come take a look at where you fit in…
    • or even to make sure that you are trying to fit in for all the right reasons.
  • You have the ability of shape shifting as your intuitive gift. If this translation resonates with you then the werewolf has appeared to teach you how to use this dreaming super power to benefit both your waking and dreaming lives. You do have the ability to metamorphosis into any way you wish others to see you.

If a werewolf appears and evokes fear in you do not cave to its growls or sharp teeth… hold your own and growl back at it. Feel through the vibrations and colors appearing in your dream as this will help you translate what level of frequency the werewolf is coming from. It may be a psychic energy attack someone unleashed on you… your fear is their energetic way in to creating mayhem in your life. Look at who you spend your time with in waking life, you may want to stand tall and break out of your pack, as it is better to be a lone wolf then to hang with the wrong group of people.

Werewolves root from ancient native times and from dimensional realms unseen. It is quite possible it is you that has gone missing and your pack (roots) have found you. It is time to begin seeking within what you once knew from lifetimes ago, follow / study the days of the moon and watch your emotions and senses unfold. Werewolves hold great power within them, and with great power comes great responsibility.

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