Lette’s Chat … about Dreams

On Wednesday Feb. 27th, 2013 I will be returning to Lette’s Chat to discuss what is really happening during our dreamtime with host Carlette.


We will explore an aspect of our other reality in which we exist in at night – behind the veil – taking place (playing out) in our dreams. Yes our soul drifts out of our body traveling to other dimensional realmsbut what else are we doing in our sleep? Who are those people (beings) we are encountering during these travels? And why might this be happening? Carlette asked me to also share an overview of my March 2013 online workshop, answering any questions for those who are intrigued but are still not sure if it is the right dreaming exploration workshop for their selves.

Carlette is inviting listeners to chat, call, or email in their dreams for me to interpret on the show. Curious about your dreamtime? Tune in this Wednesday Feb. 27th at 5:00pm PST (8:00pm EST).

Where Dreams May Take Us http://jerry8448.deviantart.com/

Carlette was such a joy to speak with last October 2012 as I shared with her why some people experience Night Shift Dreams and live another life as a DreamWorker. During that conversation I also interpreted a listener’s dream exploring the meaning of houses as they shape shift within our dreams. If you missed the Oct. 2012 show you can download it here.