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This week I would like to share with you a mentor in the dreaming community John Rehak I have spoken about John before in my post You’ve Got Mail. But this week I would like to thank him for being the kind and wonderful soul that he is. Thank you John, we need more people like you in this world — living within the heart chakra, while being aware and awake!!

John was one of the first people I (as an adult) reached out to explore my own dreams with. I found his website on the internet back in 2000, and decided to use his phone session services to discuss my dreams with him. Within the first phone session he illuminated my dreams, sharing my personal understanding that dreams are real. I feel he launched me out of my insanity and empowered me to believe in my truth – which was I did exist within my dreamtime. We then shared a few conversations and emails about multi-dimensional beings, spirits & ghosts, astral traveling, and the new term (that was becoming the ‘hot term’ during that year) INDIGOS. Although John was doing his job as a counselor and encouraging me to move towards the light that my dreams illuminated, I feel we also shared a connection – a soul group connection … as if a piece of our soul’s contract was written for he and I to meet up along my journey and for him to share his words of wisdom with me.

I personally believe John is from a very old soul group; holding within his soul ancient knowledge and empowerment many of us (as souls, ET’s, and humans) are seeking to uncover.

Back in October 2010, Gillian Holloway ( and I were lucky to have John join us as a guest on our radio show Flash of Spirit. Our show topic was called Coping with Nightmares – thinking dark, scarey, sad, emotional?! Nope! John has the ability to take the ‘how to deal’ with nightmares to a higher positive level… carrying the conversation with so much happy airiness, while shedding light on the truth – nightmares do not have to be viewed as scary bad dreams! If you face them with a new perspective, shedding the fear (bringing in a bit of laughter) they will shape shift melting into something much more positive and beautiful. You can still download the podcast by clicking here: FoS111610_JohnR11162010 I highly recommend for all of you to listen to this past show on Nightmares and check out John’s website for more interviews he has discussed surrounding dreams.

5 things you will want to know about John Rehak:

  1. He recently was on TV – local news in Cleveland discussing the 5 most common dreams: View here:
  2. He just created a new Facebook page called The Clear MindI highly suggest visiting and liking his page!! click here:
  3. He has been known to work with Mary Anne Winkowski (author, medium, show Ghost Whisper based on her life).
  4. He does marvelous work in psychotherapy, dream guidance and soul recognition! And works with other people in the alternative healing field. Yay!
  5. Go visit his website at clearmind.netwhere you can find much more about John!

Evgeni Dinev (2)

My daughter always says … “Did You Know?” then she goes on explaining what she knows… and then ends it with “Now you Know!” ha ha I love that! So I am going to use her words here…. Now you Know a little more about John and Clear Mind… I recommend snooping around his website and see what he has to offer you by clicking the links above. Taking the first step in discovering your own clear mind.

Thank you John! Blessings and Cheers to you and your family!