What Is Really Happening During Your Dreamtime?

While our physical body sleeps, our soul astral travels through the realms of dreams, those parallel dimensions in which dreamers encounter spirits (living, deceased, earthbound), guides, angels, and all types of unearthly ‘beings’. These dream encounters, from dimensional realms beyond our waking, offer messages of importance while providing us with energy medicine for ourselves and to pass on to others. Many dreamers have the gift of medium-ship and don’t even realize that their sixth sense abilities are enhanced naturally within their dreamtime.

Join Dream Intuitive Meredith Smith, Author of DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams, as she guides dreamers through “seeing”, listening, and receiving the messages given to us in our dreams, while exploring the depths of what is really happening within many of our dreams.

This five-week online dream exploration workshop starts March 10th 2013. For more information on this workshop, to receive a discount, and how to register click here.


Online Interactive Dreamtime Workshop:

This workshop is an intensive 5 week dreaming experience, designed to provide an other worldly journey into your dreamtime travels. Exploring participants dreams and those from dreamers past, present, and future.

Through self exercises and online discussions participants will experience an enriching and deep exploration of their dreamtime, as we probe together into dream walking, night shift dreams, the dimensions / realms, astral traveling,  and dream guide encounters. This inquiry into your dreamtime will shed light on what it is that is really happening within your dreams, give you tools for a different approach on understanding dreams, while embodying a meaningful perspective on where we go and what we do when our body lays down to sleep.

Each week participants will be given resources and techniques on the weekly topic, along with study exercises to practice (with optional) turn in assignments (due Friday each week) for my feedback. During this five-week workshop there will be weekly scheduled group online discussions,  one individual Skype appointment, and individual email communication related to the dream topics, questions, concerns, and any guidance needed.

Week 1: Dream Incubation & How to Identify Types of Dreams  

Week 2: Dream Guides & DreamWorkers: Identifying & Communication

Week 3: Dimensions / Realms, Astral Traveling: Exercises & Identifying 4th – 5th dimensions

Week 4 & 5: Dream Walking Practice / including encounters, interactions, healing, and communication

For more detailed information please visit: http://wp.me/P7JWP-15r

Limited space available, registration deadline is March 8th, 2013

If you register by February 22nd, 2013 receive a discount of $25 off, and pay only $100

Register for this workshop via PayPal  – Please provide contact name & email with payment. Confirmation and informational material packet will be sent to you once payment is received.

Interested in this workshop, but still not sure? Have questions about what will take place during this online workshop? Connect with me for more detailed information.


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