Exploring Dreams

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in my research and reached out to me to share their dreams with me. I also would like to thank the dreamers who allowed me to explore their dreams through private sessions.

My blog holds information and resources around dreams that pertain to encounters, visitations, night shift dreams, DreamWorkers, dream guides, soul groups, and beings of both light and dark energies… I touch on thoughts, experiences, and feelings within our dreams that are now just bubbling to the surface as these types of dreams are suddenly becoming more common to speak about within our waking lives. I always welcome all dreamers to explore, question, and seek out an understanding of what is really happening within our dreamtime. Unfortunately, my blog is not set up as a dream forum, and because of this I had to close the comments due to the fact that too many people were posting their dreams and wanting an interpretation without giving back, in return, an equal energy exchange to myself or to others. If you are looking for a quick and easy interpretation for free or wish to share your dream with others may I suggest looking through the abundance of dreaming resources, dream dictionaries, and dream forums on the internet.


As a reminder, I do provide dream interpretation, intuitive dream readings, and distance Reiki healing for a fee – this is an energy exchange for my time that I give to your dreams. Dream interpretation is an exploration into other dimensional realms along the path of your soul’s journey. Dreams reveal mystical truths long forgotten about from our past, present, and future. Although I would love to reply to everyone who posts their dream(s) here on my blog, or sends me a plead to help with their dreams, I am no longer able to respond without you, the dreamer, taking the proper channels I set up and providing a trade – energy exchange – or payment.

I personally prefer not to provide any dreamer with a quick answer to their dream…. I rather guide a dreamer through their dream(s) pointing out the hidden messages / images while providing the dreamer with the tools and knowledge to empower themselves to continue on their own path of dreamtime exploration.

Over the years I have come to understand where our soul goes when our body lays down to rest ~ our dreamtime should not be ignored but to be embodied. I deeply understand our dream encounters of other worldly beings and dream guides, visitations, the dark and light energies, astral traveling, soul groups, and oh the places we do go! These are the aspects of our dreamtime I am devoted to unraveling and exploring for myself and for all dreamers who inquire.

I welcome all dreamers to share their dreams with me through my private Dream Translations Sessions. (Click testimonials to read how others enjoyed my dream intuitive sessions.) Or… you may want to think about holding on to those dreams and register for my upcoming online dreaming workshop – ‘What’s Really Happening within Your Dreamtime?’ a 4 week online dreamshop exploration workshop starting March 2013! More details on the way very soon!!

~ Dreams are the essence of our soul…. wake up and enter a world of divine dreaming ~

I do still collect dreams for my research and writings, however I no longer provide free interpretation to dreams submitted for my research unless I feel I need to explore the dream further with the dreamer.