The Art of Ki

Reiki is the Universal Life Force of Healing

that power which acts and lives in all created matter; it is the non-physical energy that animates all living things.

Rei = universal

Ki = live force energy

This week I would like to thank my dear friend Kirsten at The Art of Ki. (Pretty awesome name of her website and the healing work she does.) She is an amazing Yoga Teacher (for kids and adults), an incredibly gifted Reiki Master and intuitive — who cultivated her own healthcare empowerment business.

I think of Kirsten as a person who lives within her heart and third eye chakra – like a supernatural higher vibrational cat…. she lives fully in heart while she is able to see each person as their true essence within their astral bodies.

Kirsten and I met at Light Song School and left the training feeling the same way about the direction of our own personalized paths and the capabilities of our sixth sense abilities…. we decided to seek knowledge and grow our gifts through our own practice. When I was training in Reiki with Tomo, Kirsten was my support system– she let me practice Reiki on her as she empowered me to see my intuitive healing gifts as this inner magical that was bursting to be freed. Her healing space was filled with higher dimensional beings lending a hand, speaking to us, and through us. A couple years back, I felt as though Kirsten and I were inseparable– we were like a psychic life line and support system for each other as we unraveled the knowledge we needed to heal & evolve at that moment in our lives.

I want to thank Kirsten for all those hours in her healing space and coffee shops as we swapped Reiki …and explored the darker side of people’s energies, discussing spirit attachment and releasement techniques, while providing client support to each other through those more difficult energy releasement sessions.  We don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, as our healing practices (and lives) have kept us very busy …. as all dear friends who empower each other to do what they are most passionate about, our paths curved towards different directions.

Thank you Kirsten!

Kirsten has a remarkable ability to light up a room with this joy that is filled with comforting and luminous energy. She is amazing at drawing in her clients while “seeing” into their translucent energetic field and astral bodies during her Reiki sessions. She is dazzling with kids as both a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher … and well…. I think you need to see for herself.  Reiki is one of the best medicines to give someone who needs healing within their body, mind, or soul – and Kirsten has the magic healing touch!

Set up an appointment with Kirsten for one of her Ki to Wellness sessions (which I highly recommend). She spends time tending to the office and providing Reiki at Nature Cures Clinic. She holds Yoga classes and Reiki circles off and on through-out the year – explore her website The Art of Ki to find out more.

“I believe that we are muti-dimensional being and at our center is our soul. There are five dimensions surrounding our center that are constantly changing and affect each other. Each dimensions has specific qualities that determine our overall health and well being.”~Kirsten

Want to learn a little more about Kirsten? Download the Jan 20, 2011 Flash of Spirit podcast where Kirsten is interviewed about The Art of Ki : YogaReiki012011