Lifting the Veil on Night Shift Dreams in OMTimes

I wanted to share with everyone this article I wrote for OM Times called  Lifting the Veil on Night Shift Dreams. If you click the following link, just wait for a moment for the preview to pass and it will open directly to my article:

There are  other wonderful articles in this same magazine you may be interested in from other authors, healers, dreamers, alternative practitioners (etc)… such as…  Conscious & Spiritual Parenting  and Developing Your Extrasensory Communication.

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7 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil on Night Shift Dreams in OMTimes

  1. Hi!, Dont know if this is the same but here goes. I had a dream where I physically got up from where I was sleeping to find there was people around me. Two people I knew (living) and the others I had never met before. They were all painting the walls in different colours (no particular theme). I tried to get a paint brush or a sponge to help but could not so got back in bed and went back to sleep or so it seemed. I awoke a second time (in my dream) and got up again. This time people started to throw paint at each other. One person was throwing the paint (on a sponge) in anger and the others were loving it? They all ran past me out of my back door and jumped into a stream that is physically a path and were washed downstream. I tried to follow them but could not physically jump off my doorstep into the stream. What could this mean?

  2. Thank you Stuart for sharing your dream with me. I sense you may have encountered some spirits within our dreams moving through astral realms. I do provide dream interpretation readings for more information please visit:

    I also wrote a book on these types of dreams and our abilities within our dreams called DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams which is available for purchase. This may be very helpful to you. For more information visit:

    Blessings, M

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