Angels and Healing

This week I would like to tell you about my dear friend, Tomo — an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Intuitive, and Reiki Master. She is another extraordinary soul who I met while training in Shamanism at Light Song School. I realized several years ago that there was a piece of my own development that I needed to heal while stretching and growing a particular aspect of my own sixth sense abilities…. however, I truly believe that I ended up at Light Song School to meet three beautiful healers / friends. Last week I mentioned Nissaand this week I am going to share with you Tomo over at

“Tomo is a channel to bring the guidance and the higher frequency healing energies from the spiritual plane and a bridge between the worlds so people start reawakening and shining the divine light within them.”

Over the past few years I have worked with Tomo on many levels — “seeing” her in different worlds and within her altered energy bodies as pure soul. Tomo trained me in Usui Reiki…. and let me tell you she is a wonderful teacher!! Seeing and understanding my gifts while incorporating them into how she taught me Reiki.

I personally know first hand what an amazing angel whisperer and energy healer she is.


Tomo and I have found ourselves in several dreams together, where we worked our healing magic on each other… and for others in need…. along with gathering information in our dreams and sharing these messages with each other. Tomo and I only see each other a few times a year, and our five-hour conversations over tea brings bursts of other worldly beings and angels joining in and sharing a wealth of information that seems to launch us further into our personal seeking. We share monthly emails (spiritual adoration letters I like to call them) about our souls evolution, challenges we face, our discoveries with clients, and messages we unravel from our guides, angels, journey’s, premonitions, and dreams.

My favorite explorations with Tomo are aligned with the encounters and findings we experience with ET’s – Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyra’s, Galactic Federation, the dark Reptilians – and the many dimensional realms we visit. She is my angelic soul sister who has encouraged me, over the past few years, to accept myself as who I truly am – a pure soulful ethereal being connected to the Arcturians carrying within me exceptional sixth sense gifts.

Thank you Tomo!

Tomo’s intuitive abilities, divine connection to the angels, and transcendent energy healing gifts connects her clients with all their  angels (explaining in-depth who each Angel is and what they mean directly for each client) — with great knowledge and a gentle hand  she guides her clients to communicate with the spirit world. Want to connect, know, and interact with your angels? I highly encourage you to make an appointment with Tomo and awaken to your own divinity and angels. 

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