Dream Symbols of Rebirth

By seeing death as a metaphor for re-birth, the possibility to manifest positive change – the change you want and need in your life – is endless.

The chaotic darkness that lingered a little too long ending the year 2012 is completed. Yesterday we moved past the dream representation of death – shedding those aspects of our dream selves that we no longer find use for. We thank our symbolic journey through death and find ourselves making room for rebirth. What is this rebirth, this change of renewal many of us are beginning to dream? Making sure our dirty laundry is washed, watching snakes birth wise women who bring the recipes of healing through ancient magic, and dreams of the seeded egg when cracked open a new baby begins to giggle. Only to soon find ourselves breaking out of our old cocoons (that no longer has the ability to house the new you); while feeling the metamorphosis of our own beautiful butterfly appear, showcasing yesterday’s magnificent colors that once radiated at your old frequency, but will now illuminate higher beyond the vibrational spectrum of light through every crack of your very being.

Summer Magic by Starr Weems
by Starr Weems

Rebirth can also represent stripping down layers of our self to reveal our core – the true essence of our soul. I am sharing a dream I experienced last week to show how symbols of rebirth appear are manifesting for us through different images. I dreamt of an old Victorian Mansion in which I resided in. The house felt very eerie, mystical and ancient – similar to a home centuries past, where the magic of spirituality, ancients ways, and worlds beyond he veil were once taught to everyone. I feel this house reveals a very deep layer of my true core. In this same dream a friend came to visit me with her dirty laundry asking to clean them- here I believe this was a layer in my dream which represented my friend who needed a safe place to shed aspects of  a no longer needed past.

The dream:
I lived in this huge old Victorian House – in some other small town. It felt like the season of Fall – October maybe as my dream had this Halloween feel to it. It was dark out and the girls were playing and having lots of fun. An acquaintance had come by to ask me if she could do her laundry at my house. I said sure and we walked outside. There was this concrete pathway to the garage were the washer and dryer were. There was a large iron black gate surrounding my property. The girls ran around and played. We walked into the garage which felt more like a basement. There were no lights on – we walked through the dark together. I remember saying to myself “I am not scared. I am not scared, “There was a creepy feeling in this dark basement. My friend walked ahead of me towards the light on in the laundry room. I felt a ghost pass me and I said to myself, “Whatever spirits need my help right now I cannot provide you with any, this is not the time for place.”
This following part is slightly faded…
We talked as my friend threw her clothes into the washer and dryer. Then she turned to me, smiled and quietly said. “Thank you for letting me wash my dirty laundry at your house.”

Within this dream Dirty Laundry is the symbolic meaning of cleansing and renewal. Although there are a couple of layers to explore, and I sense this dream is both for me and my friend.

My friend showing up within my energetic space with her dirty laundry represents a cleansing –a letting go of the old, a cleaning up of what she has not been tending to, a full cleansing of what was for her in 2012.

The ancient Victorian house represents an essence of my true being which I am allowing to shine through again –a ancient past aspect of me calling to be renewed in 2013. The visitations of the spirits I feel were the stagnate pieces of myself desiring to remain in my present waking life -no longer needed to merge with them at this moment in my life. Vocalizing in my dream that “I was not scared” empowered myself to accept what is percolating within me as I gain control of my own magical abilities / gifts.

These two layers of this dream lead to a rebirth for both us in which we are given permission to begin cultivating during the next few months.


The symbolic meaning behind Rebirth contains within its womb several different dream symbols. The following are the symbols I will be exploring over the course of this next month, discussing on Soul Revolution Radio on Jan. 23rd 2012, and sharing with viewers over at OMTimes Writer’s Community blog.

I begin with the Snake. The time has come again when people are finding themselves lost within their dreamtime encountering, embracing, fighting, and observing snakes. Snakes are not to be feared, but to be swaddled; they are an ancient and mystical symbol of renewal. Snakes appear in our dreams to help get us back on your path, they appear to lead us out of our darkness, and to guide us through the stage of transformation.

Snakes represent the shedding of old skin, and because thy shed their skin regularly they are able to continue surviving through the dark and light of past, present, and future. Transmuting and renewal keeps us on our path forward. Snakes appear as our dream guides and will shape shift projecting both positive and negative energy to gain our attention. When a snake appears for you in your dream, embody the power of a snake and ask, “What knowledge of revitalization do you have to share with me?”

The next few months many dreamers will have encounters with a Bird (or birds) within their dreams. Before finding a seed to plant, you may be surprised it is a bird that drops the seed at your feet reminding you of your aspirations, hopes, and desires. If you encounter a bird in your dream follow the birth, fly with the bird(s), expand your wings and soar. Your future is about to begin presently.

A Seed (or seeds) appearing in your dreams over the next few months represent your ability to seed your present and future. Once you find the ability to plant the seed(s) remember to spend a moment each day tending to the seed(s). Nurture the earth within you, shine your light upon it, and add your energy of joy to the womb it is incubating within.

Once the seed is planted, you will begin to see an Egg growing within the womb of rebirth in preparation of your true essence coming to fruition. Something new is about to hatch in the near future, the cosmos are speaking and orchestrating a grand celebration for you.

During the beginning of this Dawn of the New Age, many may find surprising encounters with Babies. These images of babies represent the resurrection of the new aspects of our rebirth we are renewing and cultivating. The birthing has taken place and incubating has completed in your womb, it is time to hold in your arms the warm wisdom of a new born soul. A baby brings you messages from the other side. Baby’s dialect and cries speak a language you have long forgotten. Cuddle the baby, be present with your baby, and listen in to how they speak.

Dreaming of a Butterfly: And now the metamorphosis has taken place. Natural changes have begun deep within, your inner light shines brilliantly as your higher Self emerges externally. You instinctively begin to manifest your positive thoughts as you finally embrace who you truly are; all while finding joy in the simplicity of your Self merging your past, present, and future as one.

What are your dreams cultivating for you this month?