Ringing in the New Year ~ Jan 2, 2013 on Walking With Spirit Radio Show

This blog posting was from 2012

Merry Solstice! Peaceful Holidays! and a Happy New Year to all! Now that the darkest days of the year are passing, the sun is beginning to linger a minute or two longer shedding light onto the Dawn of the New Age. 2012 brought us death – the death of our old ways, shedding of skin, to allow new growth to begin so that 2013 will bring us rebirth. This is the age of manifesting thoughts, enhancing our intuition, and listening to our inner voice as it will be speaking to us more clearly –  shed fear, shed negativity within your thought pattern, and allow positive thoughts and gratitude to take up residence in your mind, body, and soul. Cheers to empowering our true selves to emerge! ….. and too believing that the impossible is actually quite possible.

To start my new year, I have been invited on the Walking With Spirit Show on Achieve Radio  on Wednesday January 2, 2013. I will be speaking with host Monique Chapman at 6pm PST about DreamWorkers, Night Shift dreams, and where we all go during our dreamtime travels. I am very lucky to be invited on Monique’s show as she has interviewed some of the most amazing healers and well-known authors of our time. If you have not listened to Walking With Spirit show, take a moment and go through her archives to listen to her past shows. 

If you would like to follow my future and past guest radio show spots please click here!

Last month I started to write with OMTimes Writer’s community. I am very thankful that the editors have enjoyed a few of my submissions. Twice a month I will be submitting postings to OMTimes called  Dream Oracle Cards ~ Dream Images Brought To Voice ~ I will be exploring the symbols that happen to be appearing for most dreamers during the first and second half of each month. To take a peak of what I have written up and have had featured so far on OMTimes please click here. Keep checking back…. more to come as these dream oracle cards continue to develop.

More i speak in dreams updates: I am hoping to have my second manuscript finished very soon.  There are some changes I need to make to the flow  – fine tuning before submitting the manuscript. I would like to thank all the dreamers who submitted dreams for my research on Dream Guides and Night Shift Dreams over the past year. You have made my current writing project possible! When I do complete this book I know it will be very helpful to the many dreamers who experience similar dream encounters – those dreamers in need of guidance on how to understand and translate their encounters with dream guides.  Thank you! Thank you!  On another note… I look forward to continuing my work with Artist Starr Weems , the Dream Oracle Cards we are creating together. Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes…. we have experienced a slight hold up… but all great things come as they should at the speed that they are meant to move. I am hoping by mid summer we are able to complete this project together and by Fall we can begin sharing our creation with all dreamers around the world. Yay!  Last… I have some other writing projects I would like to begin sometime this year… one of them is a graphic novel on Dreams / the Dreamtime Realms. I am looking for an artist who may be interested in working with me on this graphic novel project. I am almost done with the outline of the story line (need a little more time) and would be so excited to work with an artist who could align with my vision and collaborate with me. If you happen to be interested or know anyone who may be please send me an email (please only serious inquires).

Until my next posting….  ~dreams our the essence of our soul

~ Enter into a World of Divine Dreaming ~