Thursday, 12/20 on The Soul’s Journey with Tom Jacobs : Unraveling Karma

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I wanted to share with everyone the following blog posting (from Astrologer Tom Jacobs website). Hope you can tune in!  Tom has some amazing knowledge about astrology, our birth charts, and each of our soul’s journey!

Directly from Tom’s blog:

Thursday, 12/20 on The Soul’s Journey: Dream Worker and Author Meredith Smith

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 | Astrology, Compassionate Awareness, Neptune, Radio

Thursday 12/20 6-7 pm Pacific time Meredith Smith will join me on The Soul’s Journey radio show to discuss her book Dream Workers, Behind the Veil: Night Shift Dreams and living a Neptunian life as a medium, intuitive, and dream interpreter.

Meredith has kindly agreed to share her birth data/chart with us and discuss her own soul’s journey. She’ll hear my insights into that journey live on the air and we’ll discuss it in terms of her work and the process of developing it and coming to offer her intuitive and interpretive services.

I’m excited to bring her on the air with me for several reasons including the opportunity to hear from someone living a distinctly Neptunian life in a conscious, proactive, productive way. We need to hear from healthy models of living Neptune out in the open and from what I can tell from Meredith’s book and conversing with her, she’s doing it right.

Listen live Thursday 12/20 at 6 pm Pacific and subscribe to the show’s podcast feed on my CTR host page.

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