Layers of a Dream Premonition

The other evening at a dream group I attended I brought a dream premonition to discuss and explore. With an inner deep knowing that this dream was going to come true I need some reassurance….and to touch base with other dreamers about its possibilities of dream layers.

Background: I had the following dream after a friend of mine asked me to meet her and her daughter at the mall so I could help her daughter pick out their Christmas gifts.

A little About Me: I choose not to celebrate Christmas and I dislike the mall. However to dream about either would be such a surface dream for me, as I live my life during this season staying away from the causalities this time of year seems to bring to many people on some type of level – spiritual, physical, mental. I have grown to be fine with my decision to ignore Christmas and malls.

My Dream 12.07.12

I found myself in the mall and wandering around a department store – similar to a JC Penney or Macy’s. I was just looking around at stuff, with no intent on buying anything. Lots of x-mas sales happening and I was wondering why I was even in the store at the mall at all (so out of character for me) – but I kept getting this ‘knowing” within my dream that I was meant to be there at that moment – as if I was told I had to go there and just wait. I walked down an aisle and turned the corner to pass by another aisle. I noticed two men lurking around whispering to each other. As if I was in slow motion I noticed everything about them as I continued to walk pass the aisle. One of them had a black duffle bag, and then black covers with a strap swung over their shoulder over a shape that resembled rifles. They wore dark baggy clothes. They were older white men, rough looking with dark stubby facial hair – five o’clock shadows. They turned and looked right at me, I quickly pretended to be searching for an item, as if I did not notice how “off” their dark energy was. A chill of fear ran through my body as I smiled at them sweetly and made eye contact with one of the guys. I looked away quickly and continued to walk on pass the aisle. When I was out of site I moved quickly towards the exit of the store (which opened into the mall). I knew I had to alert someone but I needed to be calm about my actions, as I did not want to cause a chain reaction of fear and mayhem to what was about to happen. Suddenly my clairaudient sense kicked in and from afar I could hear one of the guys say “She knows. We need to do this now before she blows our cover.” At that moment I sensed I would not make it out of the store to warn anyone. I began looking for a place to hide. As I was twirling around looking at options my mom appeared in spirit form – like a silhouette – and she said to me (telepathy): “Meredith you need to do everything you can to make it out of here alive. It is not your time to die. You are still needed on earth.” I was stunned, shocked, and overwhelmed with what she just said. I knew I had to warn the others in the store but I also understood that if people die it was their time to go. What do I do in these moments when I feel there is about to be a mass killing?! As I stood still thinking, a young boy about 6 years old appeared. He had big brown eyes and brown hair, a soft young face filled with a sense of fear and relief. Using telepathy, staring right at me, he asked me for help. He said he sensed something was about to happen. I grabbed him and I placed him under a pile of clothes on a bottom shelf. I told him not to move, make a sound, or breathe heavily. He nodded and hid. I noticed a barrel of clothes nearby and I hurried over to it. I dug up the clothes so I could get inside of the barrel and pile the clothes over me. I was having a difficult time getting into the barrel and a feeling of guilt rushed over me about not warning others. I began calling out to my guides to protect us, the area, protect the people, and if possible to please prevent this massacre or causalities about to take place…. in a matter of seconds. Right then I woke up.

I woke up feeling so much fear and anxiety I was unable to go back to sleep over hours. I retraced the dream and even retold the dream out loud. The next couple of days visions appeared and I kept seeing a few people getting shot but would quickly shake it out of my head. I thought about canceling the mall visit to help my friend’s daughter, but I thought that would be silly. I even decided not to tell my friend about the dream. We discussed the date to meet… it went from Wednesday to the option of Monday then to Sunday… then back to Wednesday… and then finally the day before we confirmed Monday. Going to the mall I did not get a sense that anything bad was going to happen. I had even brought my mace, but at the last minute decided to leave it in the car. The mall visit went smoothly and no part of my dream took place.

That same evening, after my mall visit, I went to my dream group. I shared this dream, along with my anxiety and knowing that I was shocked it did not come true. So began our traveling down the rabbit hole to bring this dream to the surface and dissect what types of layers this dream held. Layers. Layers are up bubbled up to the top of our discussion.

Layers. Layers in dreams consist of different meanings that are all true to some extent. No interpretation is disqualified if it has a twinge of truth that resonates with the dreamer.

With wonderful insight from the other dreamers we dug through the surface and confirmed how symbolically this dream had to do with my personal life at this present moment. However, I could not disregard that there was a layer of truth that something tragic was going to happen at a mall. Remember with dream premonitions it is quite possible to:

  • Dream for someone else: One layer can be translated that this dream was not for me at all, but a vision through the eyes of someone else. Maybe the young boy in my dream.
  • Cross over into a parallel world in which this does take place – or will be taking place, and as a DreamWorker I am preparing the souls (living and those about to pass) about what is to come. Another layer would then be: I was holding the space (the container) filling it with a sense of love and light – unable to change the future or prevent what was to happen, but rather BE PRESENT for others.
  • Change the outcome: By knowing a premonition is true we as the “seer” are playing an active role to help change the outcome. My internal soulful thoughts after experiencing this dream was to speak it out loud. A third layer of this dream was to hand it back over to the Universe – as some life paths cannot be changed, while others can. By removing my anxiety from this dream, sending positive energy into the future and out towards others who may (or may not) be involved in what is to come I help by providing the cushion to soften the blow, or re-direct those who needed the light switch turned on to see.
  • This dream was not for me. Many times our dream premonitions have nothing to do with the dreamer. Within my anxiety after dreaming this dream I tried to figure out how I would be involved and positioned at the mall (on Monday at the mall I avoided all department stores) – but I held no position at all. This was not my scene to be acting in. This fourth layer had nothing to do with me. I was just a viewer peering into the lives of others and the outcome for them. However, if you noticed I was not allowed to see the outcome of this dream. The dream stopped and I woke up a second before the shooting was about to take place. It was not my dream to be involved in.
  • This dream was symbolic to me. The beauty of premonitions are that there is a layer just for the dreamer. This is a layer symbolic to the dreamer’s waking present life. Dreamers who experience dreams that provide them with a glimpse into the future, also get experience a piece of knowledge (or message) about themselves that they are in need of. This layer for me had to do with my waking life anxiety over a few things that are majorly shifting in my life. My mother appearing to provide guidance – to warn me about balance. Hiding the young boy represented something I am hiding within myself – an aspect that is important for me to be face head on. Malls to me feel icky generally, and to dream of a mall holds lower vibrational energy for me. To window shop or to shop at Christmas time is something I choose to never do – so again the lower vibrational energy in this action is my more negative Self about this time of year. This layer comes down to for me this major shift in decisions making I am doing for myself – life changing experiences that are taking place (or about to take place) in my waking life. Two realities I personally need to come to terms with, accept, and embrace.

Now I am sure by now most of you around the US have heard about what took place in Oregon, the Portland area. The mall shooting. Although I reside across the river, where this particular mall resides is a hop skip jump away from me. I was driving my daughter home from swimming class and at 4:05pm I turned on the radio in my car. “And I know everyone is feeling right now this tragic that is taking place, _______ mall massacre happening and I was just informed the shooter came throw Macy’s department store.” WHAT?! Is what I screamed out (freaking out my daughter with my tone). And again I am shocked, stunned, in awe…. My premonition (a dream I would rather not come true) came true. This is not the first time my dreams have come true for me.

Recently, more and more my waking life visions, feelings, and thoughts come true within moments, days, weeks later. They have become extremely heightened, but not on-demand. In waking over the past few months I had been asking my guides to help me understand how to identify (in a concrete way) when my sixth sense ability is speaking to me. Moments before anything takes place it is very common for me that I feel, hear, or see the next moment. This creates another layer to my dream, a sixth layer: by receiving this dream it was training to help me identify when my “knowing” kicks into high gear, and that these are the moments when my sixth sense is speaking.


Recently someone asked me, “Do you feel lucid dreaming and astral traveling go hand in hand?” And for a moment I did not know how to answer that question. I naturally lucid dream – awaken in my dreams and have a knowing that I am in my dreamtime, with the option to make changes to my surroundings – but I don’t manipulate what surrounds me as I feel these objects, realms, people are important to what my soul is meant to do – they too are real and exist on another plane. A long time ago one of my guides told me to view my surroundings in my dreams as if I was in someone elses home — not to touch or rearrange what is not mine to do so. I bring this up because some of the thoughts I was actually thinking in my dream premonition helped me become lucid for a few moments — I awoke in my dream and knew it had to be a dream because there would be no other reason I would wander a mall department store alone. Could it be possible if I manipulated this dream, changed the course by changing what I did in this dream, it may have changed the outcome? Or would it be…. at that moment of rearranging the feelings, people, actions, location within the dream, and remaining lucid…. then it would have been just a lucid dream? A lucid dream in which no longer the universe would offer me a glimpse into the future? Are my astral travels, meant most of the time, to stay outside the boundaries of lucidity? When I am tending, helping, holding the space for others and become lucid – and then as quickly as I awakened in my dream — I suddenly get this knowing to continue on just as I am called without making changes of thoughts, actions, and feelings that would benefit me — do I identify that as I am not in this realm (at that moment) to benefit myself, but rather be in service in different ways to someone else?! Or is this one layer of the many layers of our dreams?

This brings me to this last thought…

Dreams have many layers of truths. Some truths are for you, other layers are for someone else … and other layers & truths are found by holding the space for others who are in need of you. All brought to you by the universe to shed light on the possibilities of our paths and futures, while returning us back to the knowledge we hold deep within our souls. Ask yourself: Are you listening to the knowledge being shared amongst the many layers within your dreams?

Blessings to all the people involved in this mall shooting….. and to those who knew others who were affected. May you all move through this healing process with the beauty of love & light. Sending you strength and peace.

6 thoughts on “Layers of a Dream Premonition

  1. Wow, that is crazy. I too am a hop, skip a jump away from that mall. Have you ever read the book “Dreams that Come True” ? You should check it out, it is fascinating and touches on what you have mentioned. I too have had pemonition dreams, but I struggle with which ones to follow or trust. :/ I would like to join a dream group as well! Where do I find out about that? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Greetings! Is the book you mentioned by Mary Barton? She has a couple others I would like to read also. Thanks!
    As for the dream group, I was invited into this one. You could also start one, or throw it out into the universe and see what message you are sent. I am working on setting one up online after the new year also, so I can let you know. If you would like to speak with me further about dream groups please just send me an email.
    Blessings, M

  3. Greetings Arlee, I was invited into this dream group. You could start a dream group in your area…. throw it out to the universe and see you responses… Also as I am hoping to start one online after the new year, if you are interested in something online let me know via email. A lot of wonderful things are starting to cultivate in 2013.
    Blessings, M

  4. Hi M,

    I just got to your Blog and this is my first post i read; so i’ll be reading more later on.

    Most of the things you said in your post makes lots of sense to me, as I have been researching this topic for a Long time; and i have made PEACE with my self being a person who have premonitive dreams almost everyday… with Proofs that 90% of them come true, either directly with me or in-directly * happens with some other person or in a land away from me *.

    Regarding the Layers, I liked the idea that each layer would mean something. My personal analogy, is that those who have premonition dreams, (especially those with a long history), get the Layers BLENDED in one dream… So imagine you have 20 Stories that will happen the second day (think of mini-stories) with lots of characters / persons / events… They all get Blended into 1 dream.. Which sounds weird but later on if you pay enough attention, you will see EACH detail of the dream realized.

    What dazzels me, is the responsibility of “NOW THAT YOU KNOW”; would you help others? what if you really could, if only you acted?

    When I dream of something major, I sometimes Tweet about it.. and many times I Tweeted about Tsunamis days before it happened :).


  5. Thanks SC for your comment. Yes! Great way to explain the premonitions – layers blending in one dream. I like this, thank you. And each piece (or pieces of images) revealing themselves over the course of a day or weeks that follow. Even after working with this dream I made new discoveries. I feel in this particular premonition the two shooters and the young child had to do with both the mall shooting and the school shooting. When I tore apart this dream again (for myself) and laid out the parts, I was able to see the pieces within their own layers, as each layer represented a separate future incident.

    Yes the responsibility weights heavy on me, this is a gift we have – to see the future in pieces and layers.. yes yes.. it is a gift that holds great responsibility. Would I help others? I do help souls within a different dimensional realm – holding the space, tending to their emotions, providing strength, as they prepare them selves to what is about to happen. Now should I stop something from happening? I would if I was able to understand completely what I was seeing before it happened. However, maybe we are not suppose to prevent everything that we see. The idea of helping others in itself holds many layers as we exist within many dimensional realms of the past, present, and future all at the same time. If I see something bad coming and I am unable to act on it in a physical waking manner I am not going to hold myself accountable for lives lost, there is so much more to be understood here (and by no means am I saying I understand all of it) … but there are contracts we have as souls, exit points we choose or may not choose —physical life in itself is a tiny aspect of a bigger world our souls live. I think what we need to admit as a society is that from the moment we are birthed into human form we are destined for death – we refuse to admit this as a society. Death is not something to fear. Earth, the 3rd dimension exists with the balance of light and dark – good and evil – positive and negative.. and sometimes we just have to accept that their is something bigger we are a part of that is playing out here. Would I act? You asked… If I feel that I was given all the details and was able to decipher the when, what, where, sure then I believe I was given the information to act and try to prevent something from happening…. however, I personally believe that with the information I usually receive I am meant to help others within my dreams on an astral dimensional realm within a soulful level – to be a conduit or a container to hold the space and fill it with rays of light, while keeping out fear, for those souls that are about to transition.

    I am always open to expand and grow in order to find new ways and levels to help others if and when I receive a premonition.

    Well I will end this here, even this conversation about premonitions is a much bigger energy to explore then commenting on my blog. I appreciate that you brought this up and shared your thoughts… as it helps with shedding light for others on this topic .. and it helps with supporting those who wish to think for themselves and move outside their boxes.

    Blessings, M

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